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Spotify on iOS 11 Battery Issues

Ever since I updated to iOS 11 on my iPhone 7s, Spotify has been extremely bad with battery drain. Sometimes it gets as bad as 10% charge gone in 15 minutes, or even battery drain while I’m charging my phone and playing Spotify through a Bluetooth speaker. 


On top of that, the phone gets very hot when I’m listening to Spotify. These battery and heat issues have been consistent for the past weeks and are only for Spotify, not any other app. 


Is there a way to fix this? Or am I waiting on an optimization update for iOS 11? Anyone else have this issue?

Hi all,


After speaking to our devs and seeing no new comments in here for over 2 weeks, we've decided to close this thread. 


Please make sure that you're on the latest app version to go with your latest version of iOS, and it should perform as expected.


If you still notice something's not right, feel free to start a new thread in the iOS Help Board with all the relevant info about your device and the app.




Ladies and gentleman, 


Ever since I started using in the low battery mode, I don't get heat issues provided that the the low battery mode is turned on before spotify app.


I think it is important that we keep this post alive. Let's keep reporting the issues so that they keep their attention.


I also would like to reach out to Spotify to share their initial insight on the issue as we are desperately trying to prevent our phones from melting.




kamilkamil: Thanks for sharing! I’ve tested low power mode and it didn’t help for me. I’m not totally sure if I did restart Spotify when I used it. Didn’t think about that then. Now I’m on my new account and I hope this will be my final solution. It seems to take a long time for Spotify to fix this...


Restarting the app was also necessary when using my “switch account with friend method”.


yeha i am  suffering from same and would love to hear a working solution 



I guess I'm uninstallig it for now. I can live without spotify for a few days/weeks until they fix it


I'm expreriencing the same thing with exptreme battery drain. Mostly background activity causing it, according to the Battery settings page.


iOS 11.0.3, iPhone 7

It’s fixed in iOS 11.1 betas. I haven’t had the problem since I installed it.

Nice to hear that iOS 11.1 beta seems to be a fix!


Today I’ve been hard testing my solution, namely a brand new Spotify account. I’ve started to play at 10.00 AM with 99% battery, now it’s 09.05 PM and my battery is down at 19%. Spotify has been playing constantly except for about half an hour. So about 10.5 hours. I’m using headphone and the phone have been mostly on LTE and no offline playlist have been used. Streaming quality at “extreme”. For me this is a good battery life!


I can not guarantee that this works for all, but for me it was a fix! I think I just will export all my playlist to my new account, and cancel the subscription on the old.


Hope this can help someone!



same thing happened to me on iphone 7 plus. Severe battery drain. 30 mins of spotify nothing else 25% of battery gone. I deleted Spotify and reinstalled it but still it was no good. Come on Spotify I pay for my premimum but if this issue doesnt fix i might just have to switch to apple music. 


Ladies and gentleman,


I really appreciate you all posting and keeping this topic hot. I still recommend the low battery mode option to reduce the heat in the phone.


On the other hand, I reached to the conclusion that I will wait until the new iOS 11.1 and see how that goes.


If the new version doesn't do it, I will also switch to Apple Music.


For your information, App store has bunch of apps that import your playlists and songs from Spotify to Apple Music. 




Didnt have any problem in iOS 11.1 beta 4 but beta 5 the problems seems to be back. Dont know if its Spotify or Apple but its been a long time now. Should be fixed by now!