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Spotify on iOS 11 Battery Issues

Ever since I updated to iOS 11 on my iPhone 7s, Spotify has been extremely bad with battery drain. Sometimes it gets as bad as 10% charge gone in 15 minutes, or even battery drain while I’m charging my phone and playing Spotify through a Bluetooth speaker. 


On top of that, the phone gets very hot when I’m listening to Spotify. These battery and heat issues have been consistent for the past weeks and are only for Spotify, not any other app. 


Is there a way to fix this? Or am I waiting on an optimization update for iOS 11? Anyone else have this issue?

Hi all,


After speaking to our devs and seeing no new comments in here for over 2 weeks, we've decided to close this thread. 


Please make sure that you're on the latest app version to go with your latest version of iOS, and it should perform as expected.


If you still notice something's not right, feel free to start a new thread in the iOS Help Board with all the relevant info about your device and the app.




For me the same. Spotify drains battery in the background. No 1 battery killer in ios 11 statistic.


Same here.   30 minutes of listening kills 50% of battery on a new iphone 7.  

Same problem with iPhone SE and iOS 11.0.1. Phone getting hot and battery drains around 30% / hour. 


Same problem here. Drains the battery very quickly and tops the battery usage list. Background process is over 3h when im only used it for maybe 20min.

Phone also gets hot probably because the 100% cpu spikes.


Hope there will be a fix for this soon. This bug has been ongoing for a long while now.

Hi again! So, now I’m on iOS 11.0.2 and the excessive battery drain is still here. Sometimes I can listen for one hour with normal drain. Then suddenly the battery starts to drain very fast and the phone is getting hot. 


I wounder if Spotify is aware of the problem. Back in the days you could mail Spotify about technical issues, but I cant find an address for that now. I have reinstalled the app a couple of times, and also “soft reset” the phone. 

Status changed to: Under investigation

I have the same issue here. It is iOS 11.0.2... Spotify fix this or else you are pushing our hands to switch to other providers.


Walked 12min today and the battery dropped 20% and phone was really hot. There was just a new spotify client released so i hope its fixed by now


I’m sorry to be able to confirm that today’s update (build not solved the battery drain bug.


If it does matter I run iOS 11.0.3 now.


I hope that Spotify use all their available personnel to solve this. I love Spotify but now I can’t even make a full pass at the gym on one full charge... 😞

I updated the Spotify client yesterday but still drains the battery like crazy. Phone gets hot and there is a log file generated that Spotify takes up 100% cpu for a long time.

Would be nice if Spotify finally could fix this.
I’m on iOS 11.1 beta 2 currently.