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Spotify on windows size and location save on close.

Device: Windows PC


Operating System Version: Windows 10 Pro


Spotify Version: 1.0.16


Description: If you move and resize the Spotify player to your liking then close it and open it again it will reset to the default size and position.


To reproduce:

  1. Open the Windows desktop client.
  2. Resize and move the client.
  3. Close said client when you're done moving client.
  4. Open said client again.
  5. Look at your screen to see the client is no longer where you left it.
  6. Try not to cry.
  7. Cry a lot.

Workaround: N/A



Additional information: I had an old install of Spotify 1.0.1 on my other PC and it does not behave like this but when I updated to 1.0.16 it started doing this as well, that PC is running Windows 7. 


Hello ,

I'm marking this as "not an issue".
You can submit it as an idea here.

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hello ,

I'm marking this as "not an issue".
You can submit it as an idea here.


You can't mark it as a non issue when it's an issue, its not a bloody idea. This worked before why the hell can't I resize my window and have it save?


Maybe its one of my settings? What if you disable "Friend Feed" and enable Open Spotify Minimzed and close button should minimize, this is an issue on ALL PCs I've tried so don't you dare call it a non issue.


I wouldn't bother comming here and making a new ticket just for the lulz, I came here and made a ticket becase its an ISSUE that needs fixing.


You need to fix this website. Clicking quote does NOTHING.


I had the same problem, but im using win 10. The solution was that you need to run spotify as administrator, so it can write on C disk the last position/settings of the window. Without the "run as administrator", it can just play files, but not write new changes. You need to do it only once when you put it in a good position, then after you can run it normally...


I have this same problem on windows 10 pro. Run as administrator doesnt help either....


I have the same issue


this makes me very sad


I came across this topic having the same problem. After reading Smthng solution and the replies after that saying it does not work, made me test a bit and have been able to resize my window using his comment now.


There are a few extra things you need to do to make it work. After you close spotify also close it in the tray area. Otherwise run as administrator has no effect.


After opening spotify as administrator, dragging/moving it to use half the screen by using the windows key or the side of the screen does not save the position. If you want to use half the screen you have to resize it manually.


In my test the maximize button does work and saves that size.