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Spotify playing on Galaxy Watch after phone call, unwanted


UK Galaxy Watch 


I see this has been an ongoing issue with spotify on various phones and previously on the Gear S2 and Gear S3 watches. So was it ever resolved or was the solution just to delete the app off the watch/ phone? Given the option to downlaod playlists to the new Galaxy Watch launched Friday and attach bluetooth earphones it is somewhat detracting from my purchase. Any ideas anyone???




Thanks for all of the new info here. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. If we have anything new to share, we'll check back in here


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  • Watch and software version
  • Spotify version
  • Does this happen while connected to WiFi/while offline?
  • How much free space do you have on the watch?
  • Phone device and OS version

- Galaxy Watch 2018 42mm, software version R810XXU1BRH3 on Tizen 4.0

- Spotify version 1.0

- Not on Wifi, but connected to phone on Bluetooth.

- More than 1 GB

- Samsung Galaxy S9, Baseband software G960FXXS2BRH8


Today I got my Galaxy Watch with LTE and after hanging up a call the music starts playing immediately

Is uninstalling the app the only solution for this? 

You can close all recent apps then toggle the power save (in the swipe down
menu) to disable it. Until you use spotify again, that should work. Or
disable the call notifications to your watch.

This problem is one of the worst I've ever seen on any consumer product, and I don't mean to exaggerate by any means. The impact is huge. Today I was in a critical business meeting, got a call on my phone, declined it, and then my Galaxy watch started playing music from the Spotify app in full volume (to which it had been set the previous evening when I was working out while using my headohones - but now the headphones were disconnected). I tried to turn it off, but part of the problem here is that the Spotify app doesn't open up and show up on the screen. Instead, you have to manually launch it. That in itself takes a few seconds of embarassment, however, in this morning's case, it was much worse. Since I had been sitting for about an hour, my Galaxy Watch was also reminding me to move... so for about 30 seconds I was struggling to both dismiss the move reminder and open the Spotify app to stop the music. I'm not sure exactly what happened there, could be some software race condition between the two apps (Spotify and move reminders), but in any case - NOT how a consumer product should work.


Spotify: I'm sure your app is not installed on many Samsung smartwatch devices (compared with other platforms), so the perceived impact to your customers is small. I work in the consumer electronics industry (in audio, in fact) and I do understand how priorities work in resolving software issues. But I hope you understand the huge impact this problem has for those subscribers of yours who suffer from this bug.

Please fix this at the earliest possible.


@Lauren2687 wrote:
You can close all recent apps then toggle the power save (in the swipe down
menu) to disable it. Until you use spotify again, that should work. Or
disable the call notifications to your watch.

Seems like this is worth a try.

Are both steps really necessary? Have you tried using just one of them and has that not (temporarily) stopped the problem from happening? I suspect the power save toggle is the important step (as it likely clears-out the RAM to save on power).

Appreciate all the pressure everyone is putting on Spotify and amazing to me that they have chosen to basically ignore such a flagrant issue.  That said, half the blame needs to be on Samsung...why in the heck don't they either tell Spotify to fix it or dissolve their "partnership"?   For all the advertising and promoting of a much sought after feature and then to just let it error is beyond me. 


This is actually a bigger problem than described in the post above and makes the Spotify app unusable on the watch. Any time the microphone or speaker is activated (phone call, bixby, speech-to-text message), Spotify starts blaring without any interaction with the Spotify app. I have the Spotify widget set on my home screen but not sure if that has anything to do with the bug.


This bug is frustrating but it's more frustrating that Spotify have chosen to ignore us! As a previous posted has stated this could be a Samsung issue but I'd still expect Spotify to acknowledge this issues exists and communicate with Samsung directly.


This isn't a fix but I've now moved over to YouTube Music simply because I didn't want Spotify getting any more of my money. There's loads more songs/artists on YouTube Music and it appears that you also get access to Google Play Music too. All my existing YouTube playlists are also available in YouTube Music too. Like I said, this isnt a fix but I figure that if enough people start to drop off Spotify maybe they'll be forced to look into issues such as this rather than ignoring us.


It actually interferes with every other voice-controlled app!