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Spotify playing on Galaxy Watch after phone call, unwanted


UK Galaxy Watch 


I see this has been an ongoing issue with spotify on various phones and previously on the Gear S2 and Gear S3 watches. So was it ever resolved or was the solution just to delete the app off the watch/ phone? Given the option to downlaod playlists to the new Galaxy Watch launched Friday and attach bluetooth earphones it is somewhat detracting from my purchase. Any ideas anyone???




Thanks for all of the new info here. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. If we have anything new to share, we'll check back in here


Have a nice day all!


Today I got a phone call. I answered the phone on the phone. After hanging up on the phone my watch startet playing music! This is ridiculous and the worst bug I have ever seen. I deleted spotify from my watch. 

Switch to YouTube music. I did and it's only a shame we can't use this app on our galaxy watch 😞 think I'll aim for an Android wear watch next year.

Haha in my region youtube music is unavaliable... lucky you, f* me...


I see many people having the same issues with music playing after the phone calls!!! This is really annoying and unacceptable, shame on the engineers who can't fix it!!! I'm going to look at other options. 



It's a feature!!!

This is how Spotify and Samsung work - it is indeed a benefit and not a bug -embrace it.


Samsung and Spotify believe that the best time to listen to music is directly after a phone call and so they have kindly automated the process for you.


Each time you hang up a call on your phone your Spotify app on your watch will kick in and give you some tunes- how thoughtful!


Doesn't matter if you are in a work meeting, in a library or on a mountain-- Samsung and Spotify think  it's always best to have music after a call. 


Dont bother trying to fix it - they can't be bothered either.


Live with it - they are after all giants of the tech industry and so know best - who are we to question why 


But also - there is a big fallout between them so there will be no further updates to the Spotify Tizen watch app - they don't talk to each other and nobody knows how to develop apps on Tizen anyway.



Spotify, this needs to be a priority fix! Maybe now that the iOS version is released you can put some resources on this?


Myself and other friends have recentlynpicled up Galaxy watches. This seems to be an ongoing issue. Spotify kicks in after a call or using Bixby. Several of us picked up Premium accounts but had to cancel them. I was disappointed as I planned to bring my family onto Spotify and cancel my google play accounts.  Looks like google wins out again 😞

The issue with the unwanted, untimely playback is a dealbreaker. It seems to have been going in for quite a long time with ALOT of What are now previous Spotify customers as well. Come on guys


Tidal music streaming app is now available on the galaxy watch and seems not to suffer from the same issues that the useless Spotify watch app has.

It does have some quirks like the widget doesn't seem to sustain itself very well but other than that it seems to offer very much the same functionality for similar pricing 

I haven't established the catalogue of songs but seems comprehensive 

Suggest you try that and see if it is a better experience

Recommend that you move to that from Spotify which is not going to be updated on galaxy watch 



Adamsson you, my friend, may consider yourself a hero of the week in my
book. Thanks for the heads up on Tidal!!

I can confirm to all that Tidal seems to work well and doesn't have the bugs. Interface is a little more simple. I'm using it now