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Spotify playing on Galaxy Watch after phone call, unwanted


UK Galaxy Watch 


I see this has been an ongoing issue with spotify on various phones and previously on the Gear S2 and Gear S3 watches. So was it ever resolved or was the solution just to delete the app off the watch/ phone? Given the option to downlaod playlists to the new Galaxy Watch launched Friday and attach bluetooth earphones it is somewhat detracting from my purchase. Any ideas anyone???




Thanks for all of the new info here. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. If we have anything new to share, we'll check back in here


Have a nice day all!

Our problem has been around over a year. Not everything is fixed, but a
recent update fixed some of the issues on my galaxy note 9. It didn't fix
everything, I uninstalled spotify again. I have now canceled my premium
family account.




When I cancelled my Premium Family subscription I explained very well what
the problems are. Offline mode working smoothly is as critical for me as
this one is




I experience the same issue when hanging up Spotify starts and plays I also noticed that it auto plays and sucks battery on my Galaxy Watch I have reinstalled etc. I like to know if there be a fix soon cause I will exchange my watch for a wear is one. please inform me shortly 


Hey Spotify,


It has been a year and a half and you still haven't fixed this issuse. I bought my galaxy watch on the false pretence that I would be able to listen to spotify on it. But I am clearly not able to becuase the I cannot keep the app on  the watch. Either just pull the app or fix it. Why is it better to do a shitty job than not doing it at all? If you keep up this attitude, someone will put you out of business very soon.

It does appear that the latest galaxy watch update does fix this issue
However it has introduced a new issue which is slightly less annoying- now when exercising with Spotify every time you get a Samsung health voice update - time or distance etc completed then Spotify does not restart playing thereafter
You need to go to the music controller in Samsung health and press play - music continues normally once you have pressed play
Not a huge problem and definitely better than having Spotify suddenly start playing unexpectedly after a phone call
But for a $billion company still pretty bad form

I have tried for days to get it to work this software is riducridious, I would have never switched to Spotify as my prime streaming service but one has no choice with the Samsung Galaxy that's for sports the better watch out there ... I wish Spotify would take their customer serious. I'm  really close to canceling and manually transfer songs (anyone knows of software that transfers playlist of e.g. Play music music service to transfer to the watch ?)... Other than the phone hang up problem there is no way to control your music remote it just sits there stuck.

I have the latest firmware, or so my watch says and still have this issue.
I have also experienced Spotify being stopped by the running announcements.
It is amazing that it is 2019 and still top of the line products are still

Oh well

zsma72, what are the last 4 digits of your Galaxy Watch Software version? The last 4 of the update that fix the issues are BSA4. 

illuminati229  where do you find that number? Can't find it on the watch under SETTINGS > ABOUT WATCH?  Do I gotta look under GEAR APP> ?