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Spotify playing on Galaxy Watch after phone call, unwanted


UK Galaxy Watch 


I see this has been an ongoing issue with spotify on various phones and previously on the Gear S2 and Gear S3 watches. So was it ever resolved or was the solution just to delete the app off the watch/ phone? Given the option to downlaod playlists to the new Galaxy Watch launched Friday and attach bluetooth earphones it is somewhat detracting from my purchase. Any ideas anyone???




Thanks for all of the new info here. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. If we have anything new to share, we'll check back in here


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Tizen update.

Anyway, I moved to Tidal as offline listening doesn't work well with

Tidal is working great since day 1


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now let's see if they fix the offline listening from Galaxy Watch


This issue for me looks to be a Galaxy Watch issue and not just a Spotify issue. I downloaded the Sound Cloud music app and it does the same thing. It seems whichever app I last listened to plays after a phone call. If I listen to Spotify earlier in the day last it will play after a call. If I play Sound Cloud last then hours later I get a phone call it exhibits the same issue.