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Spotify playlists & folders missing when I expand folders?

so I've only noticed this today, but whenever I expand a folder on the spotify desktop app for mac, the folder expanded and everything below it (be it folders or playlists) disappears and just the black background remains. The playlists and folders above are still there though. Then, if I scroll a little up/down, everything reappears.


It's not a massive problem, the playlists are still there. It's just abnormal and a real pain when I'm so used to the way it was. Anyone else had anything similar to this or is it just my desktop app?

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


I've never experienced any kind of fix since this started in May 2020. I'm on a Win 10 PC and just got an update. version Still change.

@Verix- What system or device got the fix?

@raychan- here's the direct email (the thread **bleeps** the email address.):  support at spotify dot com


You guys had me really excited for a second.  I just updated and the problem still exists on both my Macs.  No bueno.


@resorte are you sure it's the latest version? Can you see the other visual changes to the library view, album views, friend activity, and so on? This update is a big one.


It has definitely fixed the disappearing playlists issue, as I have dozens of folders/hundreds of playlists, and they would disappear each time before, but now are completely fine.


The latest update ( fixed this issue on my Macbook Pro and on my Windows 10 PC. Thank you, Spotify.


The reason that it's not fixed for some of you with the version above (or later), may be because even if you have this version you might not have had the new UI enabled yet. It seems Spotify only enables it for random users. You can choose to wait (it will more than likely be enabled soon). But you can also force your installation of Spotify to enable this new UI by following the guide posted here:


@zumpano  much do you like it?

I hope Spotify hasn't taken away any usability for organizing and creating playlists, etc. I was never a fan of the Web Player because of it's inherent it's been buggy for the last year. Pretty though....

I have to wonder if Spotify actually looked at the folder problem or if it was inadvertently fixed simply by the total overhaul. I suspect the latter.

Thanks a lot zumpano!
That solved it for me.

@zumpano  Thanks for the tips to enable new UI, it works for me in Windows 10 desktop app. I tried to update the app but it didn't work, so you also need to follow the steps in that article to enable UI to fix the problem with the disappearing folders. I still have to see what else has changed in this new UI and hope the fix will be permanently. At least, we now have a solution to this annoying problem after almost 1 year.


@zumpano  Thank you also from me,  worked for me too on Desktop Mac. So happy that I can use the app again after a year that I am blind to whatever the UI changes are 🙂 



Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop here 🙂


It sounds like the recent Desktop improvement did the trick for a lot of you which is great news!


This new redesign for the Spotify app on desktop and web is rolling out to all users globally over the coming weeks. So if you haven't yet received it, not to worry. Just make sure to follow the steps in our Status Update to see it as soon as it's available.


If you do get the new look but you're still having troubles, let us know here. 


Thank you for bearing with us this far, we'll be keeping an eye out for your replies!


Have a lovely day 🙂


New UI fixed it for me, thanks everyone!