Spotify randomly deleted downloads

It seems as though Spotify decided to randomly delete songs that weren't in any Playlist. I had several albums downloaded,now only a few songs seem downloaded in those albums. I'm on IOS. Help?

Hey all,


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We've decided to close this issue for now, as we don't recieve enough contacts to suggest that this is a specific issue with the app.

There are a few possible reasons why your offline music may become undownloaded.


We'd recommend checking out the steps under “Downloads unexpectedly removed” on our support site. They should help with this.




Hello all,


Since some weeks, my full downloaded album-content (not playlists) gets deleted automatically. This week, it happened everyday. I always have to open every single album and start the download again, which takes a lot of time.


Has anybody got an idea what could be the reason for this?

Thanks in advance.




I'm having the same trouble. Now, music that I have had downloaded for years WON'T download at all. I can't figure out what is going on... I'm thinking of canceling premium, this is too frustrating!

This problem has been in the app for YEARS i too have the same problem ober different spotify versions on different smartphones with different Android versions. All you can do is uninstall spotify and install it again and pray to your gods the app wont mess up the database again in the next time.
I downloaded 20GB of music on my tablet because i use the train a lot and on a daily basis and can't stand the noise of ppl talking to each other. So what happened? I opened spotify to see that the same bug appears again and again. First spotify says i only have 4 titles of my favourite artits saved and downloaded and after i close the app it says i have 4 downloaded and 200 (I downloaded these tracks too) saved in my library but not downloaded and thod goes for about 90% of every track i have downloaded on my tablet. Some are still downloaded and playable some are marled for download but the data of spotify still takes 20gb of space. Great job there. If it happened once i wouldnt care but it happens more than once a month(sometimes more than once a week) and its still a thing since i first used spotify premium and none of the support team where able to help at all
The App is still totally **bleep** and bloated. Wouldnt recommend to use it honestly
Status changed to: Need more info

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It happened again and it's making me very sad and angry to see the songs I picked be deleted randomly by the app. 

Description: downloaded songs that are not in a downloaded playlist get randomly deleted by the app.  
To reproduce: 2 times 
Operating System: IOS 10.3.1
Spotify App version:

Extra info:
Do you have any cache-clearing apps installed that could be interfering with things? No. 
Are you using a VPN? No. 

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @asdfghjk14, thanks for all the info!


We're looking into this issue as we speak. We'll post an update as soon as we have more info.


In the meantime, we suggest trying a clean reinstall and power-cycle/soft reset your device to see if it helps.


Stay tuned.


Hello everyone!


Avid Spotify user here. I have been having problems with the app for many months now. Mainly, my downloaded Albums have been disappearing many Many times (but not the Playlists)


2 weeks ago I came for help and found out that I was needed to delete completely my Spotify App. I followed the procedure, installed and started to download music again. Some minutes back, I was listening to an Iron Maiden album, when I tried to find my Albums, all were gone! I tried to enter to albums from the Recently Played list and found out that they were empty, like only the album title but no songs.


I tried to find them but I couldn't. Lastly, I log out and in again and looks like all normal, except I lost all my downloaded albums, once again.


Please help! I am tired of this issue, I don't want to change from Spotify, I really enjoy it, but this is too frustrating, especially because my connection is very slow and limited, took me many days to have all the Albums. Also for the first time, the widget that tells me currently playing song is wrong, it's not the correct song and it's like if it is paused. I haven't updated the app for this last 2 weeks, thinking that that was previously the problem.


EDIT: Now the app is shutting down every 30+ minutes. I have to re-open again. I will try to update it to the last version.


Thanks for your time.


Hey @asdfghjk14,


We're just checking in, here. Did you have a chance to try out Alfredo's suggestion of a clean reinstall? This includes doing a soft reset on your iPhone, too.


We'd also recommend taking a look if your device has a recent iOS update that needs doing. 


Keep us updated!


I've had this problem recently too - android 7.1, latest app