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Spotify shows "offline" even when connected to Wifi or mobile data

I have a Samsung s8 active and my Spotify account will tell me I'm in offline mode and won't search for songs or load albums, even though I'm not in offline mode and I am connected to Wifi. I've tried disconnecting from Wifi and using Mobile Data, I've used different Wifi, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone and only in the latter two did I get it to work again, but that only works for a little bit and then I'm "in offline mode" again. Surprisingly, I can access all of my playlists and play any song on them with Wifi or mobile data connection. I also deleted my cache and have no playlists saved to my phone, and changed my storage to my SD Card. Still, my mobile Spotify app will not let me search anything or load any albums, artists, or songs, except for ones already in my playlists, which aren't even downloaded or saved to my phone. It's really frustrating to not be able to search songs, artists, or albums without having to restart my phone every hour or two. Keep in mind that every other app on my phone loads fine when connected to wifi.


Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Samsung S8 Active

Operating System: Android 8.0.0




There's a new version of the app available for Android devices. We'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app following the steps here (including removing any duplicate offline devices listed here beforehand) to make sure you're on that latest version. 


If, after that, you're still having troubles even when you're online, please check the following:

  • If you’re using a data connection, check you have enough data allowance and that your carrier settings are properly set up. Feel free to check with your mobile carrier.
  • If you're using WiFi, check a different WiFi connection. 
  • Spotify is set as an exception for any battery-saving or cache-clearing apps.
  • Offline Mode is turned off.

If this doesn't help, try to do a quick reinstallation using these instructions.


Hope it works for you all! Let us know if you have further questions.




 Hi team,


I'm experiencing the same issue as the above posters. 


Phone: Samsung S7


Steps tried to fix issue:


I've uninstalled the Spotify App after clearing all data (And checking for any remaining files using a File Manager app). Removed my saved account using the website before reinstalling and logging back into the app. 


This solved my issue for some hours before it started happening again.


Even though the app is telling me that it is offline due to a lack of internet connection even when connected to a wifi/mobile network, I can still access playlists that I have recently used but not downloaded for offline play. Song art still loads perfectly fine. Sometimes I can access Artist/Albums using the triple dot menu buttons (but not all of the time). 


This is a really big issue for me using the app, seen as I pay for a premium service, and from reading this thread it feels like spotify doesn't have a clue as to how to solve this problem because your advisers keep giving us roundabout advice that has been done over and over again with no changes/improvement.

I'd love to stay with Spotify but sadly if I can't have a functioning mobile app it's really hard to justify not making a switch to another music streaming service. Feels like I'm throwing away money every month. 


It's real funny too, every new person that posts this problem the support people erite "Oh, that's odd? What a strange problem!" pretending they've never heard of it. But as soon as we start demanding they actually fix it, they leave that thread for good.


Terrible support. Very close to shutting down my Premium.


Thread here suggests its possibly being investigated.

Weather that is specifically for S8 i dont know but hopfully once sorted 

it will fix the same issue on my Xiaomi Mi6.


Either way spotify need to pull their finger out and aknowledge the wider problem on the rest of the related posts rather than reply with the usual unistall/reinstall rubbish that fixes nothing.





Having the same issue with a s9.  


I also have this issue now. Oneplus 5.  I can pick a random playlist and play songs I have not downloaded, but cannot search for specific songs as I am 'offline'.  I certainly am not,  neither the Spotify setting, or in reality - all my other Internet apps work fine. This is both on home wifi and strong mobile. I have done a phone restart - did not help.


I have same issue on S6. Ridiculous. Been like it for a couple of weeks now, only solution I can find is restarting the phone which is a total ball ache. @Spotify, too many people have the same problem, when will the fix come?

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi folks, 


Thanks for keeping us updated. 


In order for us to proceed with the investigation, please inform us and confirm that you've:

  • Reinstalled the app
  • Deleted the cache of the Spotify app
  • Restarted the device

Once you've done this, and if it's still not working, please let us know:

  • Your device
  • Exact OS version
  • Spotify version

Remember to hit +VOTE as well as commenting the above info.




I have a similar problem exept that I can't log in at all. I have a MotoG5 with Android 7.0 on it. I have the latest update of Spotify (updated the 5th of September the last time but had the problem before that). 

I have tried to reinstall the app and phone but it didn't solve the issue, it still telling me I'm in offline mode, but I can't log in and turn it off so I'm in a difficult situation. It works fine on my spare phone which is a Samsung S5 mini. 

Thanks in advance!


Same problem here on Sansung S7...


Done all the above. Re-installed almost every week, cleared Cache, got a new profile:


Phone: Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus

Android Version: 8.0.0

Samsung Experience Version: 9.0

Spotify Version: armV7