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Spotify shuffle sucks

I have a playlist with over 2,000 songs 


Shuffle gives me the same 50 songs over and over again! 


Depending on how I sort the playlist depends on which 50 songs I get. If I sort my playlist by title all I get is songs starting with "a".


I have over 2,000 songs and I want to listen to them all. Not just a handful. 


Hey @TeeJaywade, thanks for letting me know about this!

That's not cool! I've passed on your feedback on the shuffle feature to the right folks. Meanwhile, check out this workaround for the issue you posted. Let me know if you have any questions.


Have an awesome day!


Agreed! I've been using Spotify for like 4 or 5 years now and I always feel like it constantly plays the same songs over and over. Glad to see I'm not the only one! There are definitely times were I just play thru my library not shuffled once in a while and will hear a song that I probably haven't listened to in over a year. That's kind of crappy for the artists that are being skipped over for no real reason. Especially when some of my other songs are coming up in rotation almost every other listening session.


If, at the very least, you could "reset" the "shuffle list" once in a while so I don't reach the end of it, that would at least create the illusion of having a half decent shuffle feature while giving a little more balance to all of the artists whose songs are in my library.


Ideal scenario would be a weighted playlist that prioritizes songs based on last time played and how many songs in that genre have been recently skipped.


What witchcraft have you performed to get it to do 50 songs. Mine usually repeats itself every 20 songs at most 15 songs on average. Seems to be around the "HOUR" mark; thinking you don't have a good memory and won't realize they're repeating the same handful of songs over and over again. I would LOVE for a 50 song repeat. That would at least be ~2.5hrs. Since It takes me 4hrs to mow my grass with the push mower and nothing more annoying quarter through the property (I have a lot to mow, like half an acre is covered in grass) and the songs begin to loop on 300+ song playlist. I mean I get the scam going on here, they're only playing the cheapest to pay out songs, but that's kind of my whole playlist, maybe a handful of "POP" songs or "EXPENSIVE LICENSED" songs (except for oldies, that's all just pop stuff from the 80s and before).


As far as I am able to search this community site the whole "Shuffle doesn't work as everyone expects" topic is at least 10 years old.

I think, all of us having used a computer device one or two times know that shuffeling a list of items is not a big deal.

Why can't you (guys from Spotify) not simply tell the community that there will never be such a feature because you don't want. No need to wait for it and useless to write community requests here.

I don't know your internal decission ways, but I assume it is as always: Follow the trail of money.

A true shuffle functionality would unsharpen the user profiles and therefore make AI forecasts harder. It would make it impossible to push musicians/labels you have a deal with because they can't be overrepresented or prioritized anymore.


And to add my 2p: wouldn't it much more worth if Spotify AI was able to forecast based on users real desires instead on the bubbles Spotify self created?


Yes, You are right source :


So there's a new "smarter" version of shuffle and the version we already had remains unchanged?


saw this firstsaw this firstthen thisthen this


You are in luck then.
I built an android and web app to force Spotify to play truly random songs.
You can find both here:


@ad12  " It would make it impossible to push musicians/labels you have a deal with because they can't be overrepresented or prioritized anymore." 

Completely agree with ad12 and fully convinced now that spotify will never ever solve this problem therefore i have just cancelled my subscription for good. there are 3k songs on my liked songs and what's the point of listening to 2-5% of them all the time over and over again... 

bye and never see you spotify.Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 8.08.26 PM.png



Spotify won't shuffle all the songs in my playlist. I tried all the suggested workarounds and they suck, too complicated and every time I log out and back in it auto repopulates the que therefor the clearing the que workaround has to be done every time I log in. Spotify needs to fix this ASAP, but since this has been a problem for a decade now I do not see them fixing it at all. I am on a 30 day trial and the ability to shuffle my entire playlist is at the top of my list of needs for a music streaming service. Looks like I may have to drop Spotify, too bad they can not fix this very simple but BIG issue.