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Hi!! Whenever I pause my music and lock my phone, it starts playing automatically. I have this issue for about 2 weeks now. How to solve this? 

Hey there folks,


We're receiving reports that tracks automatically resume playing after pressing the Lock button on iPhone devices.


We've passed this on to our tech teams and they'll be looking into it.


If you're experiencing this even after a quick reinstall of the app, please make sure to add your +VOTE to stay updated. It'd be also helpful to let us know the following details:

  • Your device info
  • The OS version of your device
  • The version of the Spotify app

We'll let you know as soon as we have any info, thanks!


Have an iPhone XS Max. Phone just recently updated to 12.2. Spotify has most recent update. The issue I’ve started experiencing is if I have Spotify playing and then I pause the music and hit the lock button it starts playing. Issue started this morning after iOS 12.2 update. The only way this doesn’t happen is if I close the app first then lock my phone. Never had to do this before.


Having the exact same problem. iPhone XS Max, latest version of iOS and Spotify app. I plug my phone into my car for CarPlay.  When I unplug and get out of the car, music will randomly start playing. Even with pausing, it'll still keep randomly playing until I force close the app. Please fix Spotify!


Allowing the phone to auto lock does not promote playback from the app. However upon using the lock button again, playback starts on its own despite being paused. 


I have yet to update to iOS 12.2, I don’t think it’s specific to the update. 

iOS version 12.1.4 (16D57)

iphone model Xs Max

Spotify app version



Same problem - pause or stop and then it starts playing when I lock or put in my pocket!!


Exact same problem described. Really annoying. Have to change to another app and then pause music in order to lock phone and not have Spotify start playing.


Just started today after recent Spotify update


Happens to me as well, only started happening to me a few days ago on iOS 12.1.2 iPhone X. Really annoying when I step out of the car and the song randomly un-pauses itself and plays music on full volume despite being paused.


Same issue, iPhone X iOS 12.1. On the latest update, it will autoplay if I click the power button. I downgraded the app version down to 8.4.99 and the issue is gone.


This worked for me. Delete the Spotify app, restart the iPhone, re-install Spotify. Tested and it works! Hope this helps :) 


iPhone Xs Max

ios 12.2

Spotify v8.5.0


Update 4/25/19:

The issue all of a sudden happend again today.  The Spotify app has been working until now. So, rinse, repeat... Back in business. Had to re-download my songs. C'mon spotify, wheres the permanent fix? 


Spot on, only fix I’ve found so far! 


Follow this comment if you have this problem. You do not need to re-log into Spotify (most of the time) 


EDIT: I did not restart the phone after deleting the app. Deleting the Spotify app, then immediately redownloading it worked for me