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Spotify starts playing automatically when locking my iPhone






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iPhone X


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Hi!! Whenever I pause my music and lock my phone, it starts playing automatically. I have this issue for about 2 weeks now. How to solve this? 

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate all your reports and patience thus far!


We've done some magic backstage and this should be fixed in the latest version of the app.


If you're having troubles, first make sure that the app is rocking the latest version available. You can also try a quick reinstall


If that doesn't do the trick, don't hesitate to let us know by starting a new thread in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand 🙂


Have a lovely day!




Hello.  I would like to report another playback bug that I just noticed since a possible recent update.  I am a visually impaired user, and I use the Spotify app on IOS 15 with an iPhone 7 using VoiceOver.  I noticed that if I navigate to the area where it should be saying the title of the current song, and you can get to the "Now Playing" screen by double tapping, it seems like a different song immediately starts playing when I swipe either left or right to get to this point.  If I get here by swiping left one item, Spotify moves to the previous track.  If I get here by swiping right one item, Spotify moves to the next track.  I'm thinking this might have been a recent feature to allow sighted users to quickly go to the next or previous track; however, as a blind user, I find this unexpected and inconvenient.  Is there any way, for example, for Spotify to recognize when VoiceOver is on and bypass this feature, if possible, so there is less confusion for someone using a screen reader?  I hope I've provided enough detail for you to understand what I am talking about, but if you have any future questions or need something clarified, please feel free to let me know.  Thank you very much, and enjoy your day.