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Spotify stopped playing through my Google home mini

This afternoon, I tried to play music through my Google home mini. I've tried restarting everything, unblinking and relinking, etc. Also, When I tell GHM to play spotify, my spotify reacts by quickly skipping 3-4 songs then stops on one and plays it, except no music is coming through the speaker. Everything else works on the dossier speaker too. Only thing I noticed was that there was a spotify app update today and maybe that affected it. Anyone else having similar problems? 

Hey Everyone!


We'll be closing this thread since we haven't had any updates for a while.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new one.


All the best.


me too. Same problem. Apeears to be a problem with the spotify app working with any chromecast device. It works fine with spotify connect on pc and mobile ect but not with google home mine or any of my tv with chromecast. Also skips a few songs with no sound ...


This is the exact problem that I started seeing yesterday. I have two Google Minis and a Chromecast Audio. Also, whether it matters or not, I have a Google Wifi system. It seems like Spotify is the only app I cannot play from to each device. I've tried a lot of different troubleshooting like unlinking Spotify and devices in Google Home, turning off sharing notifications, reinstalling Spotify (also, clearing cache and data) - to no avail.


Here's what I'm seeing:

  • Cannot play Spotify from Android or Windows desktop app. Tried through a few devices like a few smartphones and laptops. 
  • Can play Spotify through a bluetooth connection.
  • Can play Google Play Music or Soundcloud apps.

Since I can play through bluetooth and from other apps, this would appear to be an issue in Spotify. Maybe the laest update? This only started at some point yesterday as I was playing through Google devices with no issue.



Also, I wanted to mention that I can play Spotify from my smartphone (Android) through my laptop (WIndows) using the same "connect to a device" function that I'd use to play to my Google device. So, this defiately appears this is an issue speicially with Spotify playing through Google Home. 


I hope this issue will get some attention by Spotify soon 🙂 


Same problem experienced when casting Spotify to Chromecast. Strangely, I get sounds on startup and volume changes - but no music.

Ah, glad you pointed that out because same happens to me. It appears that
Spotify makes an initial connection only to fail in delivering what's


I've been having the same problems.  Noticed yesterday.  Not only is it doing this on home mini, but also my chromcasts and smart LG TV.  Fine on xbox, phone and laptop.  But then from what i understand it isn't been cast to my xbox.  


Just been chatting with google Home help.  They said the following.  "I have checked it here with the team and this is actually a known issue at the moment. Our Higher tier of Support are already working on it. They are now investigating the issue and is currently reviewing for a stable fix regarding this matter."


At least google seem to be taking note of the issue and are trying to resolve it.  


Hey @Bluepowell,


Good work 🙂 Do you happened to know if there's a bug number or link to the issue? Would be nice to be able to follow along to know when to expect an update, especially since the Google Mini software gets updated automagically. 


@Bluepowell That's great! Thanks for sharing that info. 

With the rest of my Google Home Mini functionality working fine, it was hard to tell if it was a Spotify issue or a Google Home issue. My guess is that Spotify made some sort of update that impacted the API/SDK (if that's what Google is using) and that Google had to make updates on their end. Whatever the reason, hopefully it gets resolved soon! I'm so used to talking to my Google Home now that I don't seem to know how to use my regular bluetooth speaker anymore 🙂

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey everyone!


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Could you send us your devices' make and model, OS, and Spotify version? Also, have you tried reinstalling Spotify on your devices and unlinking/linking the account from Sonos?


For Chromecast users, try following the "It's not working" section on this support page.


Let us know how it goes.