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Spotify stops after ads

My spotify just started doing this last week. For months and months and months I've had no problems whatsoever. Then all of a sudden the songs stop after an ad and won't resume. Have to shutdown spotify and open back up. Then repeat every 10 minutes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but with no luck. Annoying. I love spotify but as of now it's closed.

Hey @zangerbob,

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for sending that info over.


We passed it on to our tech folks who have now fixed the issue. If you're still experiencing any hiccups, make sure you're using the lastest Spotify version by following the steps here:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/.

Let us know how it goes 🙂




Similar thing happening here, but it's on the web player: ads just don't work at all and I have to refresh the page. This becomes especially annoying when using the spotify chrome extension.

I change to pandora!

This is happening to my spotify account. It gets to an ad and then freezes. I installed/reinstalled, checked for updates and it is still doing the same thing. Any advice?

Having same problem...I turn off device for a few moments.


I have the same problem. Spotify stops after ads, only some though, not all thank goodness. But still very annoying. I have to close the program and restart. I've already tried deleting it and reinstall the newest version. Is this some nasty trick to get people to buy Premium? Please help, I'm a poor student :')


Dear Spotify, 

My Spotify stops playing sometimes when it's actually saying there's an advertisement playing. When I click on a song to play when it happens, I get the notification "song will play after add". But nothing's playing! I have to close the program and start it up again for it to start playing songs again. I've already reinstalled the latest Spotify version. Is this some trick to get people off their asses every few minutes? Or get them to buy Premium? Please help me fix this, I'm a poor student.. :') 


404 page not found ... not working very well at all!


Well it's song maybe four on a serious roll will play after ad NOPE.

Sometimes the ad actualy plays, most often it doesn't..just locks up..stops !?!!

Worked absolutley flawless last this!

C'mon man gotta know....that thing!


Still ongoing with the web player.