Spotify stops playing after 10+ minutes songs

Whenever I listen to a song that's over ten minutes long and it's over Spotify does not continue with the next song in the playlist or album. It just stops at the end of the song. If I skip parts of the song the next song is played successfully. It does not seem like a platform specific defect I get the same problem on other devices like iPhone 8 Plus.

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We haven't received new reports for a few weeks now. Our tech team was unable to produce the issue on our end as well so we will change the Status to Fixed.


If you are experiencing this issue, please start a new topic in the Help section.


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Hey @phototropic,


Sorry to hear this, but no worries - help’s here.

Could you make sure Autoplay is turned on following these steps: 


  1. Tap Home Got Premium? Tap Your Library 
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Under Playback, scroll down to Autoplay and switch it on (green) or off (gray).

If that doesn’t help, could you try a quick reinstall of the app following these steps: 


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Thank you for your answer. I tried it but the 10+ minute song still made the playlist stop at the end of the song.




Thanks for the reply!


Could you try this using another device, or making a friend sign in on your phone to see if the issue persists?


Also, please try using another internet connection if possible.


Let me know how it goes!


I got the same problem. The internet connection is very good and stable. The Spotify app have a serious failure/bug that need to be fixed.


this has been happening to me as well for quite some time, both in Windows 7, Windows 10 (both Windows Store and regular version of the app) and Android, so the platform/client isn't the issue.


I think there might be a bug with the queue functionality, because in Windows I had the queue view open while playing an album which had a few more songs after a very long song, and after a 10+ minute song finished playing, the progress bar stopped at 100% and playback stopped too, and when i pressed the skip button it said that the queue was empty. in Android i picked the song and after it finished playback just stopped altogether.




The problem seems to occur regardless of device, account or connection.




Thanks for the reports. Could you verify this info for me:


  • The exact device you're using
  • Operating system
  • Version of Spotify
  • A link to one of the tracks this is happening with
  • Are you getting any error messages when playback stops?


Keep me posted 🙂

I´m using a mac mini with high sierra 10.13.6. Spotify is downloaded
from the website. Version
The playback stops after *every* 10minute+ song for example
The playback stops without any errorcode.
  • PC / Mobile
  • Windows 7 Professional / Android 6.0.1
  • (PC) / armV7 (Mobile)
  • No error messages.

Thanks in advance!


Today Sep. 17. 2018 came an update and it seems to be fixed.  But i still have an eye on it.