Spotify stops playing after 10+ minutes songs

Whenever I listen to a song that's over ten minutes long and it's over Spotify does not continue with the next song in the playlist or album. It just stops at the end of the song. If I skip parts of the song the next song is played successfully. It does not seem like a platform specific defect I get the same problem on other devices like iPhone 8 Plus.

Hey all,


We haven't received new reports for a few weeks now. Our tech team was unable to produce the issue on our end as well so we will change the Status to Fixed.


If you are experiencing this issue, please start a new topic in the Help section.


Thanks for your cooperation!

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Hey everyone,


Just to confirm, can you let us know if toggling off Crossfade fixes this issue?


We'll be keeping an eye for your replies :)


Update came through and it was grand for a day - then the next day it started happening again. I checked my crossfade settings and it was on - turned off, logged off, then back in - and now it's fine again. So I can also confirm that toggling off Crossfade fixes the issue :) thanks!

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I also confirm that toggling off Crossfade fixes the issue.


Toggling off the crossfade may fix the one problem, BUT causes a new one. Spotify can´t play gapless without setting the crossfade ON. So this is not really a solution.


And it don´t even work.

Spotify, fix it!


• on Mac OS X 10.11.6 (

• on iPhone SE always the latest Version of OS and App

• no crossfades on, logging in & out doesn't help
• happens for months now, and still today


Fix this guys and bring back the hold-to-prelisten-feature while you're at it.

Casual Listener

Playing with Crossfade only TEMPORARILY solves the problem. The NEXT 10 minute track will not stop at the end, but the one after that will.


My Crossfade was already off and I was and still am experiencing this problem.


Please fix this problem asap! Spotify on Windows is useless for classical music where tracks are frequently longer than 10 minutes long.


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your reports!


We can see that there's a newer version of the app available. Just to confirm, could you try performing a clean reinstall of the app on your devices and let us know if the issue persists?


Also, we'd recommend trying the following:

  1. Toggle off Crossfade 
  2. Log out of your accounts and back in

If it does persist, make sure to leave a comment with the following so we can get this reported to the right folks:

  • Device(s) and OS
  • Spotify version you end up after updating
  • Does this occur in a private or public WiFi network, or over a 3G/4G connection?  If it works with another connection, we recommend contacting the service provider of the original network for more information.
  • If you have a firewall in place, does the issue occur when it's not active? If not, make sure to set Spotify as an exception.
  • Does the issue also occur on other devices or with our web player?



Hey everyone!


We haven't heard back in awhile. Just to confirm, can you let us know if the issue perists in the newer version of the app?


If so, please make sure to leave a comment with the info we asked for in our previous post so we can get this reported to the right folks.



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I still experience this issue. Spotify version (MacOS Mojave 10.14).

Moreover, I have the same issue on the mobile application (iOS 12 but also had on iOS 11). So, I don't think it's application/platform related issue. It looks like the issue is on the account/API level. Basically, I have this issue on all my devices, including Windows PC as well. 

I'm an ambient music fan and usually meet a lot of tracks with lengths of more than 10 minutes. The playing stops every time where the player is finishing playing such songs.


I've already performed the following actions:

- The clean reinstall of the client on Mac/iPhone

- Enabling/disabling the Crossfade feature

- Logging out/in 


Nothing helps :(