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Spotify stops playing via AirPlay

Spotify keeps stopping the Playback via AirPlay´2 on Apple TV 4K. Every now an then the Music stops (every 2 - 15 min, even happens on Bluetooth-Headphones). You then have to disconnect "remote Streaming" and reconnect. Then Spotify keeps working normal for about 15 min until it disconnects again. 







iPhone XS, Apple TV 4K

Operating System

iOS 13.1,  latest@AppleTV


My Question or Issue

Could you please fix 🙂

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, can you make a new thread in the relevant board? We'll get back to you there.




I have the same issue streaming Spotify through my Apple TVs - my spotify seems to cut out randomly, though.  It’s not always at 15 minutes. Sometimes it will play for longer, sometimes only 5 minutes. It wasn’t an issue a few months ago but since recent updates (either to spotify/iOS/TVOS), steaming spotify is now so frustrating. 

Whilst I do have the spotify app on my Apple TVs, this doesn’t allow me to steam music through multiple Apple TVs (so that they act as multi-room speakers). 

I also find that sometimes when spotify drops out, it then won’t reconnect via airplay without me restarting my Apple TV. 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks,


Thanks for all the info you've provided so far.


In order to report this to the right team, we would like users to confirm that this issue only occurs when using Spotify.


Could you confirm that this is the case?


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

Yes, all other streams works well.


Spotify is not the only one app with this issue, but there are Apps which are working fine (so it can’t be a general problem of my iOS install).


Having the same trouble. Using a Iphone 11 and streaming through a apple TV 4K.  I can play for 2- 15 minutes before the music stops and i have to connect again to the apple tv to be able to continue listening. 

This is absolutely ruining my Spotify experience.

I have an Iphone 8 as well and actually the streaming seems to be way more stable from that device. So I am definitely not sure that it is Spotify that is causing the problem, but it is certainly being affected.


what is the status about the resolution please.

It is been lasting for so long now...


I AirPlay from quite a few apps to my Apple TVs and Spotify is the only one I have an issue with. 

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,


Thanks for giving us the info we need. We are currently investigating this issue and will keep you up-to-date in this topic.


If you are experiencing this and haven't given us info so far, please send over the following:


  • iOS version
  • tvOS version
  • Spotify version

If you notice that the issue is not happening anymore, please let us know as well.

iPhone Xs
ios 13.3
apple tv not 4K with tv os 13.3
last version of Spotify

Hey there @Ploki - thanks for adding those details!


We've passed them on to our tech teams. However, it'd be really useful if you could also let us know the exact version of Spotify you're running. To find that on an iPhone device, just click Home > Settings > About.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply, thanks again 🙂