Spotify stops playing via AirPlay

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Spotify keeps stopping the Playback via AirPlay´2 on Apple TV 4K. Every now an then the Music stops (every 2 - 15 min, even happens on Bluetooth-Headphones). You then have to disconnect "remote Streaming" and reconnect. Then Spotify keeps working normal for about 15 min until it disconnects again. 







iPhone XS, Apple TV 4K

Operating System

iOS 13.1,  latest@AppleTV


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Could you please fix 🙂

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We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


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Hey guys. I seem to be having the same issues - Apple TV keeps going to sleep when Spotify is connected - all app, iPhone and Apple TV system apps are all up to date - very frustrating!


Hi all, just stumbled across this Spotify thread after some web searching describing a series of Apple-TV time-out issues over the past years .... anyway. Same issue for me. After 15 minutes of streaming Spotify from an iPad Pro over AirPlay 2 to the Apple TV 4K, the AppleTV breaks the connection and Spotify automatically goes into pause. If I reactivate the AirPlay 2 connection to the Apple TV and push play all is good for 15 minutes then it stops again. This appears to be what everyone here is reporting. OK, I also connected to a HomePod at the same time. The HomePod keeps playing and Spotify keeps going. It’s only the AppleTV that drops out and needs to be reconnected. So, it’s an AppleTV thing and not Spotify. I have the latest TV iOS as of Nov 10. I can use the auto time-out settings on the Apple TV for now but would like a real fix from Apple since this workaround essentially defeats the purpose of having an auto off feature on the a Apple TV. 


Exactly the same thing, but for me BT Headsets are working fine. It's just when using Spotify in combination with an Apple TV (probably because ATV uses »Air Play 2«).


Same exact problem. My 3rd gen AppleTV just goes to sleep every 5 min when casting from my iPhone 7


Spotify connect zet zomaar het volume op Max terwijl je dit niet selecteert in de App.

( Gevaarlijk dit voor je gehoor en speakers)

Gebruik Onkyo TX-NR656. Dit gebeurt sinds een maand daarvoor nooit problemen. Luister genot is nu compleet verstierd firmware en app zijn up to date. Hoe fix je dit probleem? 

Gebruik iPhone 11pro maar ook met andere iPhone dezelfde problemen.

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Could users confirm that they are still experiencing this issue?

If so, could you provide us with a detailed description of your issue, including relevant screenshots and steps to reproduce if possible?

In addition to the above, we'll need the following up-to-date info:

  • Apple TV model
  • tvOS version
  • exact Spotify version
  • any devices used as remotes?

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I still have this problem. I open Spotify App, play a song, and activate airplay mode on the control center to select Apple TV.


the music is playing and stops automatically after 10/15/20 minutes (it depends).


I have to play again and activate again Airplay  mode.


This Happens with my iPhone running on iOS 13.1, my iPad Pro 9’7 on iOS 13.2.3 and also on an iPad Pro 9’7 running on iOS 11.


on each device, Spotify is up to date at the latest version available 


I am using an Apple TV 4K on tvOS 13.0 connected with Ethernet to my internet box which are both located in the living room.


My Apple TV is plugged to a videprojector and a amplificateur. When I use Spotify in airplay mode, the projector is switch off, only the Ampli factor is on. 

It seems to have occurred since I Have updated the Apple TV to tvOS 13.0 because it worked perfectly fine before.


the same problem is happening using SoundClound or Qobuz.


I am wandering if it’s happen just because of the projector is switch off. I am going to change the time before sleep mode I to the setting to see if something is changing.


Same issue here fracking frustrating drops every third song in the middle, I’ve got the latest iPhone 11 PRO IOS 13.1.3 & TV Apple TvOS 13.0 connected to Sony Bravia 2018 model and speakers. Has anyone replicated in Spotify this ?


Spotify is not the first App having this problem. Could you please check if the interrupts happen after the sleep time you configured on the Apple TV? Settings / General / Sleep After


Most people in this post use an Apple TV with some kind of headless setup, so you wouldn’t notice when the ATV goes to sleep, however this issue doesn't happen with every other App, but it definitely depends on the App's implementation of AirPlay somehow.


@Peter @Daisy 

In addition to the above, we'll need the following up-to-date info:

  • Apple TV model
  • tvOS version
  • exact Spotify version
  • any devices used as remotes?

Apple TV A1625 (32GB)

tvOS 13.2 (17K82)

Spotify (running on iPhone SE, iOS 13.2.3) 


Steps to reproduce: (1) Play any song, (2) stream to Apple TV via AirPlay, (3) After the ATV's sleep time expires (in my case 15 minutes) the ATV goes to sleep and kills the AirPlay stream.


For (2) it doesn't matter if you initiate the streaming from the Spotify App (Connect to a device > More devices > Click on ATV Name), or by swiping up the Control Center and press the streaming button there. 


I have the same problem 


AppleTV model A1625 32 GB (4th gen)
tvOS 13.0


Iphone 11 pro 

OS 13.1.3


My wife have the same problem but it doesnt disconnect as much. 


OS 13.1.3