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Spotify thinks I'm dragging 11564 tracks into a playlist instead of 632

Status: Fixed


I'm a big fan of the  Label:"........." command. As an example I tend to type :

Label:"Zenon records"   just to check if they have any new releases. I have a playlist with all tracks released under zenon.


When you search like that you need to click "tracks" to reveal all tracks that go under Zenon records. Once I have scrolled all the way down to the last track I usually do a ctrl+A to select all and then drag all of them into my playlist. Here is when things get strange. Right now there are 632 tracks under Zenon records, but when selected and dragged, it shows 11564+ tracks. No Idea where the extra tracks comes from but I assume it's a bug or something.


So is there a fix, Because I really like how you can keep track of you favourite record labels!

11564 tracks.jpg

Sweet @HiFiCrisp!


I'm marking the post as fixed now. If you come across anything else, feel free to come back to us. 


Take care!

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @HiFiCrisp! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's not cool! Could you give the steps on this page a shot? Those should help here. Also, if you could let me know your Spotify, OS and device versions, that'd be awesome! Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have a lovely day!


@Hubo My spotify version is and I'm using an asus laptop running windows 10. 

I don't know how to check my spotify version on my phone, but I have an iphone!


I tried to reinstall spotify via those steps on the page you linked and it did not help!


Hey @HiFiCrisp!


Awesome, thanks for letting me know and trying a reinstall! 🙂 Could you try to login with a different account (e.g. from a friend or family member) and see if the same thing happens? Let me know how you get on!


Have a lovely day!


@Hubo, I've checked if the problem still exists on my dads account and it does unfortunately...


Thanks for the info @HiFiCrisp.


Just to confirm, after you've dragged all the songs to a new playlist in your account, does the song count under that playlist name also show a different number? If so send us the playlist URI so we can check it from our end. In order to get it you only need to right-click the playlist name > Share > URI or Copy Link. 


Also, we'd like you to send us the URI link of the playlist where you found all the songs by "Zenon records". We'd like to replicate this from our end.


Keep us posted.


@Julian The song count went up from 632 tracks to 902, even though I literally dragged 20000+ tracks into the playlist. 


My playlists URI :spotify:user:sidechain:playlist:6wxTO44sfJIzj34aiVvvpU


I did not find the tracks in a playlist. I described how to find all 632 tracks in my original post.


I found them by searching "  Label:"zenon records"  " 

There I clicked tracks and scrolled all the way to the last track. So it is a list of all the tracks, but it isn't a playlist


Hey @HiFiCrisp, thanks for all the info!


We've been able to replicate the same issue on our end following your steps.


We've reported this on to the right folks. Fingers crossed we'll have an update soon.


In the meantime, instead of using the Ctrl+A command to select all songs, try clicking the first song of the list > Scroll all the way to the bottom of the results > Shift+click the last song to make the selection > Drag and drop in your playlist.


This should move only the songs you've selected, instead of turning the selection into thousands of songs.


Let us know how it goes.


@AlfredoGreat! Glad you guys responded so quick regarding this issue! I too hope you will find a solution soon.


I'm sorry to inform you that shift clicking the last track after selecting the first one also generates extra tracks. I tried this and ended up dragging 8324 tracks instead of 632.


@HiFiCrisp, that's odd.


I've tried it a couple of times with the exact same search label:"Zenon records", as in your example, and each time I ended up with 640 total tracks in the playlist when doing the Shift+click selection.


After selecting the first song, are you scrolling with the mouse wheel, using the End key, or click-dragging the scroll bar?


Keep me posted.


@AlfredoReally? That is odd!

I use the house wheel. I scroll all the way down, and then spotify needs a moment to load in some tracks, but I never stop scrolling. Once at the bottom I drag the "scroll-marker" ( I don't know what it's called but it's the little box, on the right hand side, that you can click and drag to move up and down the  track-list) .... all the way upp, click the first track, drag the scoll marker all the way down and shift click the last track


Scroll down using the mouse wheel -> scroll upp using the marker-box-thing -> click the first track -> use the marker-box-thing to scroll down ->shift click the last track -> When dragged it says 17928 tracks.


I tried a couple of times using the home and end buttons and after a couple of times, it actually worked! but only after a couple of tries...