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Spotify to Chromecast paused casting problem - once more

This is to let you know, dear folks, I'm the next person hit by known unresolved issue, which is incorrect Spotify-Chromecast cooperation - random pauses.

There are many threads on Spotify and Google Cast forums and elsewhere on the subject and I wouldn't like to return to them at the moment. Instead, I'd like to share my opinion on the culprit.

I use home Wi-Fi network (2,4 and 5 GHz). Internet is delivered by cable provider (download 30 Mbps, upload 3 Mbps). I've got Chromecast (2015 model) and two Android smartphones: both Samsung Galaxy, Ace 3 and A5 (2016 model). There is Spotify application installed on the smartphones.

What are the findings? Here you are:

- both smartphones correctly work with Spotify application. Nothing pauses when listening with smartphones.
- cast from smartphones with Spotify to Chromecast simply doesn't work correctly: casting randomly pauses; there is pause symbol shown on the TV screen; eventually you can resume casting, but it's not always possible.
- cast from Windows 10 PC web browser works correctly.
- casting video/audio from smartphone with YouTube application works correctly.
- and finally (important!), casting audio from smartphones using Deezer works correctly.

So, what are the conclusions? IMHO:

- the Spotify-Chromecast problem is not a network problem. Network works as it should.
- the problem is not a Chromecast problem. Chromecast works as it should.
- the problem is not an Android problem. The system works as it should, even it's quite old version.
- this is therefore a Spotify application problem.

I'm not able to analyze complex interaction between Chromecast, Spotify application and Spotify streaming servers. But I'm sure just Spotify and nobody else should promptly resolve this issue - the sooner the better.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this over to us.


Right now, we're unable to offer an exact timeframe as to when this will be fixed. Rest assured our tech folks are looking into this in the long term and your feedback is very helpful.


As there seems to be a number of different issues in the thread, it has been hard to reproduce so far. Due to this, we're going to close this thread off for the time being.


However if you do notice any further issues regarding this, please feel free to post a new issue report detailing your device, OS, version of Spotify, and the exact steps you're following to reproduce this. We'll be sure to get this investigated further.




Hi Sunmoon51,


I too have had these problems, but I have to say I suspect it is Google Chromecast Audio problem. My experience has shown that there are pauses, dropping off line, etc as you have experienced on both local files (Playing from my local server audio files) and also from 'cloud' based services like Spotify. I am experiencing it in ALL scenario's and I am fairly experienced with Netwok issues etc, I have bonded IP address to MAC, I have tried different routers (both domestic & my preferred Draytek 2860) and I experience this problem with everything.

Like yourself, playing media files from local server via Windows 10 PC works flawlessly, playing same media files via Android (Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet, Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, OnePlus 3 smartphone) all work flawlessly, playing media via Spotify on all the above devices works flawlessly, yet playing via Chromecast Audio results in drop outs, random pauses, and random offline sessions.

I suspect that it is Google Chromecast! (I have also tried a different CC unit purchased at the same time!

Any thought?


Hi Airspike, please note I wrote about CC, not about CCA. And how do you explain Youtube and Deezer work OK with Chromecast but Spotify doesn't? As usual, looks like the issue may consist of two or three problems indeed what makes it hard to resolve. However this is Spotify problem IMHO.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @sunmoon51!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


Can you let us know what version of Android and what version of Spotify you're running? Also, let us know if this happens when you're listening your offline tracks or streaming music. 


Does reinstalling the app help at all? Additionaly, it would be super helpful if you could give it a try from a different account. You can use a friend's account, just to test it out.


Keep us posted.



Just to update you on my problems with Chromecast Audio - Spotify, I have now checked this out with a FON Gramafon unit, and it streams flawlessly, no problems, fast response. Google support are still saying it is a setup issue with my configuration and they need to help me with the setup - but I haven't heard any more following their request for more information (supplied by me).

I have also tried the same unit in a different location (and yes, with a different Spotify account!) and it STILL drops out and disconnects.

In Conclusion (IMHO) it is a Google Chromecast Fault!

Just to clarify, I am an electronics engineer with 41 years in the computer industry, so know a little about networks and setting them up!

Thanks to all for their efforts.


Hi anyk17!

Here you are:

- it's Android 6.0.1

- it's Spotify armV7

- you can't send offline tracks to Chromecast so it happens only when streaming from Spotify internet servers

- reinstalling the app doesn't help

- streaming under different account is also pausing - no difference.

Thank you.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @sunmoon51 and @airspike,


Thanks for sending those details.


We've passed all the info to the relevant team and we'll be updating the status of this thread to 'Under investigation' while we wait for a fix.


We'll keep you updated.



Really infuriating, Chromecast Audio will not connect at all to Spotify via Sony Android device. TuneIn and my home server work much more reliably (not flawlessly) so my very simplistic conclusion is that this is mostly a Spotify issue.

Does anyone know if Google Music is more reliable with CCA?


Hey @Richhowth!


Thanks for letting us know about this. We've passed all the info to the relevant team and hope to have a fix soon. In the meantime, you can try reinstalling the app with these steps and checking that your Chromecast has the latest firmware.


Keep us posted! 


After a week of trials with help form Sptofiy Support it still doesn't work. over a minute to connect and very frequent hickups in audio with both my Chromecast.

Canceled my Premium subcription, signed up with Google Music: Connection under a second and not a single hickup. Happy now!


I am experiencing the issues with Spotify on Chromcast as well. Spotify freezes randomly at the end of a song on Chromecast with both my tablet and phone and has been doing so for several weeks. Of course I reset and reinstalled all (severall times). Network or Wifi connetion are also not the source as I have installed a new wifi router and the problem remains.



Android 6.0.1

Spotify (9 nov 2012)

Google Home 1.19.29 (7 nov 2016)


Phone SAMSUNG GALAXY A3 (2016)

Android 6.0.1

Spotify (9 nov 2012)

Google Home 1.19.29 (7 nov 2016)



Firmware 1.21.74816