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Spotify will not detect Sonos speakers

I can play Spotify on my Sonos system using the Sonos app, but I am becoming very frustrated at recent emails suggesting I play the Sonos using the Spotify app as it doesn't work. Under 'Devices Available' on any of my Spotify apps (desktop PC, android phone, Ipad) my Sonos system does not show, and all the advice on the website takes me back to the same page showing lovely videos but no actual advice on what to happen when the system does not show...

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey @damohhh


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 


Can you double check that you’ve enabled Control Sonos from Spotify in the Sonos app settings? 


Let us know if that helps 🙂 


Thank you so much! That is precisely what I have been overlooking! Not sure how I managed to miss that, but have now fixed it and Spotify is now able to control my Sonos. 

Status changed to: Fixed

I don't even have an option to "Control Sonos from Spotify" in any of the settings of my Sonos app on my MacBook, my iPhone, or my iPad. How do I find this option?


+1 on schmidka76s comment


+2 on Masen72 and schmidka76s. I don't have this option either.


I have almost the same problem - when I use my app on my iphone to use spotify to play through sonos speakers, it works fine, but my desktop app doesn't recognise that there are additional devices. Any clues?


You must sign in/create is SONOS account, which will let you then connect your sonos speaker into Spotify. I believe this option came up under preferences, advanced settings, and then it said something about spotify and SONOS. Once I logged in, spotify recognized my play1 


Same problem with my wife's Sonos 1.