Spotify won't find Chromecast

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My Spotify app on android won't find my Chromecast audio anymore. 


I've tried resetting the Chromecast, resetting the router and reinstalling Spotify on my phone.


I can still connect to Chromecast via SoundCloud or Google play music. So I think this is a problem with the Spotify app.


It's quite annoying as I'm paying for premium. I've had this problem on/off all year but a simple restart normally sorts it out. Now nothing I do will fix it!


Please could you just use the Chromecast API instead of what you are using at the moment. It is more stable!

Hey everybody!


We're closing this thread as we haven't heard from you in a while. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


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Same problem - I only subscribed to Spotify because it offered a way to cast to my HiFi systems in different rooms and now the Android App won't connect to any Chromecast device.  Other apps connect simply - this losing Chromecast issue has been a constant since I started 3-months ago, but normally a re-start of both Android and each Chromecast device fixes it - not now.  The App just blithely says "use your phone as a remote".


Needs fixing fast but I fear that having read other threads the developers are not really onto this mand don't much care. 

Same here.

Started yesterday.

I also can't connect with windows web player.

Guess it's up to Spotify to fix this.




No Spotify in Chromecast Audio for me either. Other apps work fine (Tidal, Google Music Play). Spotify does not find the device at all.


Here the same problem! (Premium member)

I have an android phone and chromecast works fine with netflix, tidal, npo ect...

Accept spotify...there is just no chromecast icon in the device list...

Verry frustrading...i tried to delete and reinstal the spotify app, delete the cache and all the content...nothing helps...

My wive has a iphone and there it works just its an android probem ....


Same here. Seems to be a problem with an update. It's not working on 2 of my smartphones, but IS still working on my tablet which has auto-updates disabled.


Same for me, since this morning. Spotify doesn't find the chromecast I have connected, while all the other apps (Netflix, HBO...) do. I reinstalled the apps, remove data but the issue is still present. Same from the pc


Same problem here. Spotify won't find my chromecast nor my chromecast audio. Worked fine yesterday.


Spotify version

Samsung S8, Android 7.0


I have:

* cleared data and reinstalled apo

* rebooted chromecasts

* rebooted phone

* rebooted wifi router

* rebooted wifi repeater


Chromecasts are discovered and works fine in Plex and NRK Radio.


Solution: downgrade to a working version:

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Hey folks! Thanks for reporting this!


Spotify had a small hiccup backstage earlier but things should be looking better now. Could you let me know if this is working on your end again? 🙂


Thanks, have an awesome day!

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Hey everybody!


We're closing this thread as we haven't heard from you in a while. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best 🙂