Spotify won't resume after pause with bluetooth headphones

I'm unable to resume after i pause the music for a few minutes with my headphones over bluetooth.

Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.

We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app and all devices fully up-to-date.



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I'm also still suffering this issue on my macbook pro. The song plays as I can see the progress moving along but no sound and I get the message in blue at the top of the app saying "Can't play the current song". I can change the device Spotify is playing on between my ipad, mobile phone and other devices and it works perfectly but if I select the macbook pro then it still plays but no sound and the can't play message. I have to close the app down completely and reopen it again for it to work. 

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3 years since it was open and still happening? Amazing low priority for such a disturbing issue.


3 years Spotify - get your act together!


Extremely annoying to restart Spotify after each pause when playing via bluetooth.

Don't understand how this is not major bug with high prio as it prevents from using basic functionality (playback) of Spotify.


I'm even considering Spotify alternatives because of this bug which is happening for years now.




The issue for me was that my phone and laptop (both on Spotify Connect) were both connected to the same Bluetooth device which confused Spotify. When I make sure that only one device is connected to Bluetooth, I don't run into any issues.


@bmcd243unfortunately that's not the case. I have bluetooth completely disabled on my phone. My Sony BT headphones are connected only to macOS for sure. It's using aptX. Seems like the resume breaks once I pause Spotify, try to play some other sources (like Youtube videos) and then try to resume the music after while. It breaks always. 100% reproducible. May be related to some power-saving feature of the headphones itself. Seems like they stop the aptX protocol once nothing is playing - but this seems to be pretty standard behavior as Airpods do the same...


Anyway I would be happy to help Spotify developers with logs, testing and reproducing the issue, however it seems like Spotify does not care about fixing stuff 😞


Yeah, it does seem like there is a lack of urgency.


It seems that the only way to escalate it is by contacting Customer Service, and they will pass it on to the tech team.




This is ridiculous, i'll have to change my music streaming service because I can't stand it anymore, so annoying

On Mac, I've noticed an improvement after disabling "Handoff" on MacOS.
It's a setting under "System Preferences" -> "General" and there's a
checkbox that says "Allow Handoff between this mac and your icloud
devices". Unchecking that box and now it seems I can leave my headphones,
for 30+ minutes, come back, and Spotify will still play without needing to
restart it.

I was also having this issue when switching between video conference calls
and back to normal audio. The "spotify can't play" errors seems to be
happening less frequently.

Headset: Jabra Elite 85h
MacOS: 10.15.5
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Same problem. MacBook Air v10.14


Streaming using bluetooth from MacBook to Echo.