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Starting Spotify playback from Google Home makes volume uncontrollable

When I say "Hey Google, play Spotify on <Chromecast name here>" to my Google Home, it starts Spotify on the Chromecast in a different mode than if I were to start it from either my Android or iOS device, and this results in the inability to control the volume from the Spotify phone apps.  Let me walk through the successful use-cases, and then describe exactly what happens when it fails.

If I cast to the Chromecast connected to my TV (for example) from Spotify on my Android or iOS device, I can then control the volume of the music on the TV from within the Spotify app. This is true regardless of which device started the cast; both devices have volume control no matter which one initiated the cast.  This is all fine and good.

If I cast to that same TV from my Google Home, by saying "Hey Google, play Spotify on TV", Spotify does indeed start playing on the TV, and it even picks up where I was in my current song.  It also lets me use the play/pause/skip buttons on any of my devices, and respects the play queue.  This is lovely.  However, for some reason, it does NOT let me control the volume from the Spotify app on Android or iOS.  The volume slider simply doesn't show up in the Devices menu.  The volume buttons also do not control Spotify's volume on the TV, instead they stay controlling the volume on the Android or iOS device itself.  It also does a weird thing where it shows that I am casting to the TV (by saying "Listening on TV" in green letters in the devices menu), but it also has a second TV entry, that says I can cast again to the TV.  If I tap on that entry, the TV goes black, the Spotify app on the Chromecast appears to restart, and then everything works as normal.  This does interrupt the music, of course.

This issue happens every time, on Android or iOS devices, when I'm casting from the Google Home to any Chromecast audio, Chromecast video, Chromecast Ultra, group of Chromecast audio devices, or even the Google Home itself.  It's both puzzling and obnoxious.  I'm not sure what the Google Home is doing when it's launching the Spotify app on the Chromecasts that's different from how it's launched when you do it from Android or iOS, but it's pretty clearly an unintended bug.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this. We can confirm the tech team are aware of the issue. 


We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but hopefully we'll have an update soon. 


For now, we'd recommend keeping your apps up-to-date. 





Thanks for that info @M25


When I said "casting from your phone to your Google Home, and then from your Google Home to your TV" I meant that you first start casting Spotify from your Google Home and then say "Ok Google, play Spotify on the TV" Keep in mind that when you do this, you won't be able to control the volume using a device since your Chromecast TV is being controlled by the Google Home device. To change the volume in this case, you'd have to use the Home app installed on your device or be directly connected to your Chromecast TV from your Android or iOS device. 


On the other hand, when you say "However, it does not do anything to the volume of the music playing on the TV." Don't forget that a volume slide bar won't show up because the music is playing through the Google Home device. If you start to cast from your Android device or iOS to your Chromecast TV, you will then see the volume slide bar. The only way to control the volume in that case, it'd be if you go directly to the Home app. 


If you feel like a video would help us understand better the issue you're experiencing, just send that video over so that we can reproduce it and suggest the best solution possible.


@Quentin007, are you having any specific issue with your Chromecast? We'd love to help.


As requested, here is a demonstration video of how it should work (with an iPod touch) and how it fails to work (with a Google Home).

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @M25,


Thanks for all the info you've provided so far!


We've taken all the info provided from this ticket and reported it to our devs. We'll keep you updated here when we're informed of progress in their investigation.


We appreciate your patience so far; stay tuned and we'll be right here.




I am having the same issue with my Spotify three month trial. I guess it's time to go back to Google Play Music.

Dear Communauty,

Using several Chromecast Audio in a "group mode" is very efficient to cast
music in several rooms.
Unfortunalty, Spotify, unlike other castable audio application, does not
allow to change the volume of each room independtly.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Rgds, Quentin

Thanks for reaching out @moorejared97 & @Quentin007.


Both of the issues you're describing seem unrelated to the title of this thread. 


We'd recommend creating a new post for help with these.



Having the same volume issue on my brand new Google Home Mini while casting on a Chromecast Audio.

Please let us know once you have a feedback 🙂


Thanks for reaching out @user-removed! 


The tech team are still looking into this. Hopefully we'll have an update for you soon though 🙂

Just a little update from my side of the world. This seems to happen as well without having to specifically cast to a Chromecast - whenever I use 'Okay Google' to play music through Spotify using my Google Home Mini, I'm not able to control the volume of the Mini without going in-app and choosing the device (through Google Cast). See the following images as to what I mean: 

When pressing volume buttons (After changing to Google Cast)When pressing volume buttons (After changing to Google Cast)When pressing volume buttons (before changing to Google Cast)When pressing volume buttons (before changing to Google Cast)In-app Spotify Connect screen (straight after starting to play through Google Assistant)In-app Spotify Connect screen (straight after starting to play through Google Assistant)

(By 'volume buttons', I mean the buttons on the side of my device - Nexus 5 [2013], Android 6.0.1)



Immensely frustrating.