Static when playing from vizio sound bar

PLEASE HELP! Having a party tomorrow. We use our iphone 7 to log on to spotify and play the music via googlecast built into our Vizio soundbar. Certain sounds play slow and or have TERRIBLE static. Please please help!

Hey everone, 


Good news! It looks like the latest VIZIO soundbar firmware update has solved this issue.



Thanks for bearing with us :)

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I've just purchased a Vizio 5.1 soundbar with Google Cast - model number SB4551-D5.... Overall, I love it. But have one issue I can't solve. I called Vizio customer service and got right on the line with a rep who was incredibly courteous and did his best to help, but was also stumped. So now I turn to you...


PROBLEM: When casting directly to the soundbar from Spotify on my iPhone there is a very noticeable static and at worst an audio distortion I'd describe as slowdown during playback. Some songs are much worse than others as are certain sections within songs. The issue, however, is consistent in those songs and in those sections.Please see the following video of the issue: This is the chorus of Clare Dunn's song Tuxedo and in the video the audio distortion and static can be heard. This is just one example from one song, but the static and distortion happen every time in the same sections of the song. 


I don't know if there's an issue with the soundbar, or the Spotify app. When casting to the soundbar from Pandora or Google Music the audio is excellent. When casting from Spotify to a Chromecast Audio device connected to either the sound bar or a separate speaker the audio is excellent. When casting to a Google Chromecast through the TV to the soundbar the audio is excellent via both HDMI-ARC and optical audio. The issue only appears when casting DIRECTLY to the sound bar from the Spotify app. 


Within Spotify I've adjusted stream quality, downloaded the song (offline play), turned EQ on/off, fussed with many other settings, and uninstalled/reinstalled. On the soundbar I've power cycled and done a factory reset. I'm running 802.11n wi-fi on both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz signals and have tried streaming / connecting through both. The problem persists. 


I'm using an iPhone 6+ running the latest version of iOS (9.3.3) and the latest version of Spotify on my phone (


My wife experiences the same issue when casting from her iPhone 6S running iOS 9 (9.3.2) and the same version of Spotify. 


Please help!


Agreed, some tracks are worse than others, but seems to be a problem with every track. Also, this issue seems to be on both iOS and Android devices.

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Hey guys, are people having the issue able to do the devs a favour and post back with screenshots of the Now Playing screen, and also the Devices list when they are connected to the sound bar?



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I'm the same. Vizio Soundbar: VIZIO SmartCast™ 45” 5.1 Sound Bar System (SB4551-D5)

  • Version: V1.0.0.8
  • Cast Version: 1.18.60243
Vizio sound bar SB4051-C0 running the latest firmware.

Spotify version :

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Hey guys,


It looks like we're receiving some mixed reviews on this one, with some saying the update seems to have helped and others not so lucky.


In this instance, does rebooting the device and reinstalling the app help? Also, disconnecting the device temporarily could help with this.


Keep us posted!


I "tried" to do the update, It didn't update it and I'm still have the same issue. Anyways. It looks like that's an older version anyways..

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Aw that sux. Thought we were getting somewhere. I haven't been able to try it. We'll see...


Vizio roll out updates over a few weeks, if you want to force it you can download it to a USB stick and manually update. 

They're sending me a new one, too. I'm sure it will have the same problem,
once it updates.