Static when playing from vizio sound bar

PLEASE HELP! Having a party tomorrow. We use our iphone 7 to log on to spotify and play the music via googlecast built into our Vizio soundbar. Certain sounds play slow and or have TERRIBLE static. Please please help!

Hey everone, 


Good news! It looks like the latest VIZIO soundbar firmware update has solved this issue.



Thanks for bearing with us 🙂

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I do have completly lost my ability to cast from spotify with the newest firmware update to my Vizio SB3831 soundbar. The firmware update (1015 to 1036) seemed to break all casting for me as well

It's good to see that I'm not alone. 😊 Unfortunately, they wouldn't listen
to me and are simply sending me a replacement, which will undoubtedly have
the exact same issue.
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when playing songs it intermittently goes on and off the sound I can't figure it out

Same problems, jumpy with bad static


Model: SB4051-D5


Vizio version V1.0.2.4

Cast Version 1.21.75965

Audio Type AC3,5.1,48KHz

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Thank you for your response but that's not the problem sound goes in and
out of place far and no static it's not coming from a Vizio bar coming from
an LG phone but thank you anyway

Same here, I believe the new update broke casting on my soundbar too.


TV: Vizio P Series 55 inch model 


TV Software: Version


Soundbar: Vizio SmartCast SB3851-D0


Soundbar Software: Version 1.18.60243


Spotify Version:
Really sucks this is broken, as a college student this was my main way of studying and doing homework without distractions on the screen. (Album artwork, and menus)

The latest update/s seem to have fixed it for my SB45 🙂


Soundbar Version: 1.0.24

Cast Version: 1.21.75965

Spotify App Version: armV7

Audio Type: LPCM, 2.0, 44.1KHz


Out of nowhere my sound bar won't play any sound either. My version is 1036

and cast version is 1.18.60243


whats going on, my house hasent had any music lastley becaeuse of this. How do I fix this. Is there an update I need to do. Because it seems like I have the very latest update... 

They will need to release another firmware update to fix it. That 1036
trashed the Cast fearure.

I have an iPhone 7+ and try to send Spotify tunes to this system . It won't link up my phone . I do have SmartCast but it's acting terrible. What can I do to send via Bluetooth etc. does QView work?


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