Stops playing after 10 minutes

Status: Fixed

Device: LG G2


Operating System Version: 5.0.2


Spotify Version:


Description: Stops playing after 10 minutes


To reproduce:

  1. Start a playlist that has more than 10 minutes of music
  2. Wait 10 minutes
  3. Playback stops




Additional information:

I updated to version this morning and it started happening after that; on the way into work it was fine, at work (after update) it keeps stopping. After a couple of tests plays with the same songs it seems to be consistently stopping in the same spot. After a bit of math and rough estimate of where it stoped, I suspected that it was stopping after 10 minutes of playback. I confirmed this with a timer. 


This is what I've been testing with:

spotify:album:7xyR2mEo51N2gIGWE3Teki (saved as downloaded playlist spotify:user:lvluph1n:playlist:5u9bUuNiXzW4tB2TwRNYse)

starting at song spotify:track:6re06wIJdXOhAyMY2zwGKq

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!


Android 4.2.0 is up and running and this issue should be fixed in it! 🙂


If anyone is still experiencing this issue on Spotify Version 4.2.0 please post here and we can look into it 🙂


Have An Awesome Day Guys!


This may have something to do with screen locking. If I periodically unlock I am able to get past the 10min mark (currently around the 15min mark of the previously noted playlist/album starting at the beginning. 

Ive noticed the very same problem. I realised that in my case it stops whilst Im loosing/getting my reception back on mobile netwrk. Spotify - is it related to your spying over where we use your app?

@MsBacon, does it happen to you when you're on airplane mode? Because I thought that might be the case for me, too... I use LLama and have it set to turn off my data when my screen is off and turn it on every 9 minutes for 1 minute to get any updates, but when I turned on airplane mode to remove that variable from the possible cause, it still happens. 😞 


You should give airplane mode a try and report back to see if it fixes it for you? 


Hey @lvluph1n


We've had a few reports of the same issue with Android devices and this is currently under investigation. 


Hopefully we'll have a fix soon. 

Status changed to: Fixed

I'm not sure what changed, but this hasn't happend to me in awhile.


I'm having the same problem, it's happening constantly on my Nexus 4.


Another issue has appeared at the same time though only happens occasionally. When listening in the car after I switch the car off 10-20 seconds later the music starts playing through my phone speaker.


I am experiencing same type of problem. Music keeps stopping playing after about 10 minutes. Shuffle function not working. Have a new mobile. Samsung Alpha. Also Spotify on PC is often logging.

I will stop subscription if not solved soon.

Do somebody that works on Spotify read this?

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey Ladies And Gents


Spotify is Currently looking into this issue, if the users experiencing this issue could please post the following information it would be greatly appreciated:


  • Device 
  • OS Version
  • Spotify App Version
  • Is this happening on WiFi or 3G or Both?
  • Are you using a 3rd Party Equalizer?
  • Anything else you think we should know?


Thanks so much Guys! 🙂

Device: LG G4 OS: Android 5.1 Spotify Version: Is happening on 3G. I'm not using any equalizer. Please fix it.