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Stops when running

Status: Not Right Now

Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint


Operating System Version: Android 5.0 (Lollypop)


Spotify Version:4.40.1008 Beta


Description: When listening to Spotify when running, the music stops and then doesn't resume. Usually, but not always, this happens when I am running through a dead spot, which is inevitable, but it never automatically resumes when emerging back into an area with coverage. Often the music stops at the end of a song, but, regardless, the music won't resume. This happens on multiple occasions on long runs.


I am a premium subscriber so ads are not the problem although it happened also before I was a premium subscriber.


To reproduce:

  1. Run through a spot with no cell signal
  2. Wait in vain for music to resume


The only way to restart the music is (1) by fast forwarding, not one, but two songs (2) and/or by increasing the running tempo from, say, 155 to 160 steps/min and then reducing it back as the lady starts announcing the new tempo. Usually, it starts up immediately with either of those solutions. If I am still in the dead area when I apply the solution, Spotify will start up when I return to a covered area. (But, to repeat, not if I don't apply one of those solutions.) It'll also restart autonomously within a second after stopping, but never after a longer delay.


Additional information:

I am routinely using the latest beta in the hope you will resolve the problem. No luck so far.


Rather rarely, the two workarounds mentioned fail and I have to go to the radical step of changing the playlist. Even less often, it'll say it's not connected to the internet. Then I have to switch from "Running" to something else, at which point it starts up immediately, thereby demonstrating the message was wrong as it was connected.


Clearly, since you now specifically offer your product to runners and since runners will inevitably occasionally run through dead zones, you need to fortify Spotify so that it'll recover automatically when the user emerges from the dead zone.






Following up on my previous post, I note then when I walk instead of run on the usual route, the dynamics change some. Then, while I still get interruptions, Spotify does sometimes resume after a while, while it does not resume when I run.


Hey @MacWilder!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback.


Is this happening only when using the Running feature? Can you try streaming an album/playlist instead and see if the music continues to stop without resuming?

Status changed to: Not Right Now

I don't know and I'm out of town now. Will let you know next week after I've returned.


You asked if I only experience the "stop when running" problem when using the running feature. I answered that I was going to be out of town for a week and would respond after my return.


I run daily, almost always on a golf course. Both yesterday and today, I ran the first 9 holes twice followed by twice running the second 9 holes. In all cases, I ran 9 holes using the running feature and the next 9 holes using one of the other selections. (I selected a different alternate selection each time I was testing that facility.)


The finding of this "research"? While the music does stop now and then with the alternate selection, this is rare.  As noted previously, sometimes it stops and restarts spontaneously. However when using the running feature, it stops permanently at least 4 times each 9 holes. This effectively disables the running feature as I have to slow my pace down dramatically or even stop to fiddle with my phone so that I can get the music started again, which defeats the whole point in running.


What I also thought was interesting is that, sometimes, in order to get the music restarted, I have to switch away from the running feature to another one in mid-run. When I do this, I get a screen saying that Spotify is not connected to the internet. This is incorrect, as I immediately successfully restart the music by ignoring the message and switching to an alternate feature.


The conclusion: The problem is associated with the running feature.


The impact: I signed up for Spotify's premier service solely because of the running feature. If this problem is not resolved, I'll have to seek out another streaming provider.


Thanks for trying that out and reaching back to us with your feedback.


As it's not possible to sync Running for offline use, there may be some connection interruptions if you're going through an area with bad signal. Can you try switching from 4G to 3G and see if it makes any difference?

I'll try that. But I already know that while running I go through areas of intermittent reception. For example, I go through at one point a dense Mangrove forest. When in running mode, the music quite often stops when I get into the forest. That's understandable enough. The problem--and it's major for me--is that the music doesn't resume when I emerge from that area into an open area in maybe 20 seconds. If, instead of being in "Running", I am in one of the other selections, the music seems to be likely to stop but more likely to resume when I emerge from the forest. But the problem isn't limited to forests. It can happen in open areas. However, there is some consistency to where it stops on my route and I thus expect it's related to cell signals weakening. I appreciate that running quite a few miles almost inevitably will mean going through cell phone dead spots. It happens in urban areas and areas like mine that are somewhat rural. That's not the problem. The problem is that Spotify in running mode seldom recovers. I have to stop running while I go through the rigmarole of first increasing and then decreasing the desired pace. Usually, Spotify will then start up immediately, but even if it doesn't, once I've gone through that nonsense, it generally will start up when the cell signal strengthens.

I did switch to 3G, and it helped a little. But, nevertheless, during my daily 10K runs, the music will stop around 15 times.


This is no small matter as even on 3G I have to restart the music by increasing tempo up and then immediately reducing it. 


In response to an earlier question, I said that this seems to happen more when using the "Running" feature than elsewhere in Spotify. I am no longer so sure that's correct, as the music seems to stop more often In "Country Run" than the others I sometimes select. I think therefore the issue may be more complex than merely that it impacts the Running feature more than the others.


But the bottom line remains the same. You clearly have a programming bug that restricts Spotify from resuming once it loses the signal for more than a couple of seconds. The workaround is to increase and then increase the pace. This seems to reset Spotify. Usually,

the music then resumes promptly. Even if it doesn't, it does restart within a couple of minutes. If I don't change the pace, once it stops it never restarts.

Status changed to: Not Right Now


Thanks for all your feedback, @MacWilder!

Our best tech-folks are currently looking into this, so hopefully we'll have a fix soon 🙂


Well, when I'm running, I have time to contemplate such things.