Storage switched back to internal at every reboot [Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, encrypted SD]

Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7, patch level 12.2017 (stock)
Spotify version armV7
64GB Kingston MicroSD UHS-3
SD card encrypted, using stock encryption


As reported several times and always closed without solution:

Spotify changes external storage to internal storage at each reboot, deleting all songs and having to redownload everything. The reason is that Samsung phones need about 30 seconds after boot to mount encrypted MicroSD card. The Spotify BACKGROUND service starts before (automatically, without user interaction) and so does not find the MicroSD card. It then switches to internal storage without user interaction and de-syncronize each playlists.


A simple workaround would be for the service to wait 60 seconds or until the app is launched after boot time before checking the storage state.

The issue is apparently present since at least 2016 on all Samsung phones including the S8/S8+ and Note 8. Without resolution, I am thinking about switching to a concurrent service.

Thanks to have a look at it seriousely.

Forum posts about the issue:

Hey folks! Thanks for your reports!


I understand your frustration. Great to hear things are working again after the solution @charno posted. Rest assured, the right folks are still looking into this. If you need any help in the meanwhile, feel free to give me a shout! 🙂


Have an awesome day!

Tidal wasn't a bad choice either - it also supports offline as well has high quality audio options.
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I know that there are a lot of options, the only reason to use Spotify is for PS4 music while I'm playing, but I'm considering change to YouTube Music or Tidal, even if I cannot play music while I'm playing, I can deal with that. 


I can confirm that this bug is still present in version

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This is in no way resolved. A janky workaround using developer tools that half works on a temporary bases is in no way a solution to a service breaking issue.


Habe ebenfalls diesen Fehler. Workaround ist für mich nicht möglich, weil die Option trotz aktivieren in den Entwickleroptionen nicht zur Verfügung steht.

Dass dieser Thread geschlossen wurde, ist eine Frechheit. Das Workaround ist erstens sehr umständlich und zweitens nicht für alle möglich.

Sehr enttäuscht, dass dieses Problem über 3 Jahre lang nicht gelöst werden konnte. Ich bitte um eine erneute Stellungnahme des Supports.



Got this problem too. Workaround not possible, because there's no option to change the storage path for the app.

For 3 years now Spotify couldn't fix this issue and it is absolutely a shame to close the thread. I call for an answer by Spotify Support.


This really needs to be open and not closed. How are the devs going to know its an issues when its still an issue. Open this now!



This bug is in no way resolved and should not have been closed.


Are the "right teams" still "looking into this"? Can this be translated into "the developers are working on a fix" or does it actually mean "the finance department are assessing whether it's worth fixing"?


I'm not a long time user and at this rate I won't be for much longer. This is the third time all my downloads have been lost from the SD card.


I was impressed that Spotify reinstated the widget when the community asked. Will you also come good on this?

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I'm having this same problem... Even bought a new SD thinking it was the problem, I'm so glad I'm still on free months, seems they don't care 


I agree that this issue should in now way have been marked as "closed" until there is a solution available. I am having the same issue, and installing Spotify on the external SD card is not feasable for me as I need to have the SD card in a mode where I can remove it easily.

So at the moment I have to make sure to not restart the phone until I am certain that I have enough time to redownload my offline music without a problem.


Is this issue being worked on?

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I have found a workaround maybe that works for u too. Setting up secure
boot prevented SD card taking long to mount ##- Please type your reply
above this line -##