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Streaming issues for Blackpink songs on different devices

As the title says, I've recently noticed a high pitched beeping sound on songs from Blackpink.  All songs from their latest album has this issue.

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this thoroughly and it seems to be a matter of content availability, which we do not have direct control of.


We'll mark this as NRN as we cannot change this on our own, but our teams have reached out to the distributor of the content and will work together to hopefully find a solution in the future


Thanks again!


Whenever I play Blackpink on my mac there is always an annoying high pitch sound while playing. I have really good hearing and I can tell when I pause the song the high pitch sound stops. I also notice that on the ps4 whenever I play Blackpink there is another audio playing in the background like screeching noise it's hard to explain. This is getting really annoying because when I play my music on ps4 and a Blackpink song comes up I can't pause the music while I'm playing my video game and end up getting ear raped by the screeching noise. 


Hi all, I saw this on a reddit thread regarding this problem. 

From u/xaanndeer : "I just found out the high pitch noises are used to control the light sticks. I guess the different frequencies stand for different colors etc. If you listen to the Ice Cream video posted on the Lightstick page, YG SELECT website
, you'll notice it has the same weird noises. At the bottom it also says " When your light stick is turned on and songs with inaudible frequencies are played, your light stick automatically reacts to the music. " "

So it turns out that its only Blackpink songs with this problem in order for their official merchandise (their light stick,  to react to each song


me pasa exactamente lo mismo con las canciones de blackpink


There’s a loud static noise when listening to a majority of blackpinks music, I’ve found this problem only occurs on my PS4 and not on my mobile device. I don’t believe this is an earphone/headset problem but something wrong with Spotify itself on the PS4. I hope you can fix this issue as I’ve tried everything to resolve the issue but nothing works and you’re unable to enjoy the songs because of the loud screeching/ static noise in the background. 


Hey everyone. I encountered this issue and tried multiple devices but it became clear that the devices was not the issue. Neither is Spotify. You are going to notice that you can listen to the songs on YouTube without hearing the noise. That is because YouTube has a gate that does not allow that high frequencies. This is not the case with Spotify and many other streaming services. I wanted to make sure that this was not just my imagination so I had someone run a test on the song and sure enough the high pitched sound is there. It is at about 19k Hz and that is why most people can not hear it and that is also why none of the people here at Spotify can identify the issue. I have had a lot of people of different ages listen to the song and none of them could hear the sound. I will attach a picture of the test. Would someone please come up with a solution or contact someone who could fix this. I don't seem to be able to figure out anything. Also as someone already mentioned the sound is not present if you stream from a phone and I believe that is because something limits the phones ability to reproduce high frequencies. This test was ran on Rosé's song Gone.gone test.jpg


I have the same problem. A high 19 kHz tone in Rosé - Gone. This is really bad and needs to to be fixed.



I still hear the very-high pitched whistle in some Blackpink songs (especially from their newest album, but not limited to these). It happens in songs like DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill This Love, How You Like That.


I hear it even with my high-definition stereo speakers and my headphones. It doesn't matter if I use my PS4, my laptop, or my phone. Clearing the cache or using different users doesn't work. I think it has to do with the master files that were uploaded to Spotify, not with the devices because I experienced it even with different users, different devices, different speakers, headphones, earphones...


Is there a way Spotify can contact YG and let them know about this issue? It is really annoying and I cannot listen to their songs anymore fearing that I will hear this pitch.






I tried it everywere. PC, Mobile Phone, with headphones, Speakers, Car. This High Pitch is very annoying.

Dont have to say anything else, im not the only one in this Thread.


the same here... THIS SOUND IS TERRIBLE 


I can't believe this has not been fixed yet. I opened a support ticket as well, but no change so far. Its really agonizing to stop whatever you are doing to change your favorite song just because of some stupid high pitched noise in background.


Previous comments mentioned this is because of Blackpink light sticks... can someone at Spotify contact YG Entertainment and tell them we can hear this screeching?