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Streaming issues for Blackpink songs on different devices

As the title says, I've recently noticed a high pitched beeping sound on songs from Blackpink.  All songs from their latest album has this issue.

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this thoroughly and it seems to be a matter of content availability, which we do not have direct control of.


We'll mark this as NRN as we cannot change this on our own, but our teams have reached out to the distributor of the content and will work together to hopefully find a solution in the future


Thanks again!


As I am getting the same exact problems as EVERYONE ELSE here, I just want to state that Spotify is showing us how terrible their support is. If they are too stubborn to accept the fact that it is their fault, then there is really nothing else we can do besides listening to this music on a different platform. Spotify support, please do not blame the people using your platform and instead use that time to find a solution to YOUR problem.


Hello Spotify,


please fix this problem since I am not the only one that is having a problem with this. And don’t even try to say how I could fix it cause I tried everything the problem is only on my PlayStation 4. What am I paying for when the service I’m paying for doesn’t function as it should be?


//EDIT: Sorry, I tested it on two different devices, and it worked for one day, now it's back to normal (it's working for me, cause I have edited files)...

Ok, I fixed it.

You have to use songs from this playlist: (I don't know if it will still work if you add these songs to your playlist, you have to test it + it works only on Apple Music).


Enjoy! 😉


Btw. I don't think YG will ever fix this. For them, money > music. They added this noise to control some stupid plastic toy... 


@_Majek_  I can still hear the noise. You did not "fix" anything. No matter what streaming service you use, the problem is YG Entertainment uploading faulty tracks.


I don't have the damn stick, I don't care about damn stick, I just want to listen music noise free. The only solution is Spotify asking them to upload proper tracks that don't have this dumb "feature".




@AB015 that's what I did. I removed that noise, exported songs in the same format as in iTunes and uploaded to my playlists.

I tested it on 2 other devices, and it worked.


I think the only thing Spotify or Apple can do about it is the same thing YouTube did. Cut all the frequencies above 15 or 16 kHz.

YG is not uploading "faulty songs", they are doing it on purpose. 


@_Majek_  I can still hear the noise 😕


They should create Stick Edition of that Album and give people a choice as majority don't own the damn stick. How hard can this be?


Creo que es problema de grabación de la versión global, ya que pasa con otras apps cuyos nombres no voy a decir, sin embargo usando versiones de otros lados y/o discos extranjeros ese pitido no se escucha.


Honestly, I don't even know what the workers are doing but it's been 5 months since I've been having this issue and to this day, it's still not working, the beeping sound is so annoying. I actually cancelled my subscription with another streaming platform to be subscribed to Spotify until I noticed this issue on any accounts I'd go on, the beeping noise is so annoying and keeps other fans from listening to their favorite music. As long as there's this issue, I won't be subscribing to Spotify. Please fix this issue.

Thank you in advance.

Yeah so the high pitched noise is for the lightstick (v2). If you went through the tutorials of how the lightstick will work it towards the end it showed a "special" video of Ice Cream that basically just included this high pitched sound. So the lightstick hears this frequency and plays a certain light pattern. I have the lightstick and check and it works for all except Rosé's solo songs. For her songs the lightstick just turns off...

There's no way to turn off this high picked noise and not everyone can hear it. I hear it all the time and one way I get it to not hurt my ears is just by focusing on the music and not the noise. I've also noticed that on some speakers/headphones the noise isn't as noticeable.

Hope this helps 🙂


whenever I play BLACKPINK's songs (how you like that, DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill this love, pretty savage, lovesick girls, love to hate me, crazy over you, you never know) there is a high pitched ringing I have tried on multiple devices on different accounts and it still happens. When I listen to these songs on Youtube or other music streaming apps there is no ringing. the app is fully updated on all of my devices my devices are also fully updated, I have also tried uninstalling the app closing and re-opening it and nothing changes!  I would appreciate it if anyone could help with this issue. Thank you