Terrible performance after lastest update for Windows Phone!

Status: Closed

Spotify has been updated to a much better interface, but the problem is that this new interface made it almost impossible to use. The app takes almost 1 minute to open if connected and 30 seconds in offline mode. And while navigating throught the playlists, it takes a long time for them to load. When playing, eventually the track stutters like a scratched CD. Before this update, the app used to load a lot faster and the songs flow perfectly. Please address this issue, I cannot wait up to 2 minutes or more to get my songs playing and the stutters are annoying. I am running Spotify on WP10 on Lumia 640XL, I believe I have enough hardware to get this app running without performance issues.

Hello everyone. We have some news to share while we mark this as 'Case Closed'. 


Spotify for Windows Phone has been placed into maintenance mode. We’ll only be making critical security updates to the current Spotify app and won’t be releasing any new features or improving support for old devices going forward. 
For now, you can continue using the current version of Spotify on previously supported Windows Phones, and it will remain available for download via the Windows Store. 
We’ll continue to work closely with Microsoft to ensure the best experience on Windows platforms and are constantly evaluating the most effective path going forward.



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @luigi_force!


Could you let us know the exact Spotify version you're running? Also, is this happening on 3G/4G or WiFi?


We'll see what we can suggest.


Hi Laura,


  I am currently running spotify for Windows Phone. This issue is happening even playing tracks in Offline mode. The song just stops playing all of sudden, just like scracthed CD. This never happened in previous versions, it´s just started after this recent update. Also it takes a long time for the app to open, I even restored my phone to see if it could improve it a little, but nothing seems fix this. I think it might be the new interface that got more hardware demanding. A little optimization could help a lot, because this new interface is beautiful. 


Hi @luigi_force! Thanks for all the info.


Just to confirm, does reinstalling the app help at all? Follow these steps.


Keep us posted.


 No, unfortunately it did not help at all. It improves the loading time and by playing through streaming, but after a while it´s starts hanging again, specially if I have offline tracks. I have an android device and did some testing, but the results were perfect, even better then before this last update for the windows phone. I had all my playlist I use for driving, traveled for hours playing my songs and had no issues. I believe it´s got something to do to the offline tracks. it´s sad that there´s such a huge difference between platforms, my 640xl is a lot more powerfull then my lg L70, which is a low end phone. I had to move to this temporary android device in order to use spotify properly, because in windows phone it´s just impossible and playing songs using a 3G connection in Brazil, considering our current telecom situation, it´s totally out of question. 

Status changed to: Under investigation

Thanks for the feedback.


We'll make sure it's passed on to the right team. We'll keep you informed about any updates.


Stay tuned.


I'd like to add that I have the same problem. Just today I told a friend that the fun has gone out of using Spotify since the move to the new UI, because it's just so incredibly slow. While I applaud the new interface, the waiting for playlists, radio stations and album covers to load is really frustrating. It can take 4-5 seconds before my playlists become visible, and while playing loading the album cover sometimes takes so long that I just stop waiting for it.


I'm on version runnning on Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia Lumia 930. Today I reinstalled the app (as per instructions), and while the problem is now less severe, the app is still way slower than the old version.

Even the previous interface was not that fast. I learned that, because now
I am having to rely on an LG L70, which has a hardware far inferior to my
640XL and it´s using an old android version 4.4. The difference between the
performance is an absurd, everything loads quickly and flawlessly. But on
windows, it´s the story I posted earler, I have to keep myself in the car
waiting for my playlists to load properly and when they load, I feel like I
have a scratched CD. I thought it could be my sd card, but it was working
poorly in the previous versions, poorly, but working. Now I had to swtch
phones because of this and I am using the same SD card on the LG phone. I
wonder, is it so impossible to make Windows apps to run like Android Apps?
Seriously? I hope they get this fixed.

Hey Folks!


Just a quick check-in to let you know how things are going 🙂


Our developers are investigating this issue.

While we don't know when it might be fixed, please make sure you always have the newest version of the Spotify app. This is the best way to be certain you're getting our most recent fixes and new features.


Please let us know if there's anything else we can help with in the meantime!


Thanks for your patience.


I have the similar problem with my Lumia 640 xl windows 10. It´s imposible tu use. I´m tied that reset all day the spotify. Please, i need help, the phone is new, and must watch ok.



Hey everyone!


Just a quick check-in to let you know that our Tech team's still investigating this. As we mentioned before, we don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. We'll always work to fix issues like this in app updates.


Thanks for bearing with us.