Terrible sound quality on Chromecast


I am trying to listen spotify on the Chromecast but it sounds so terrible

that I can't listen it. It seems to be so packed that bass and high peaks just doesn't come out like it should.


Im using latest spotify app on my phone and Chromecast Ultra. This setup has been working but about month ago sound quality dropped to this level and I have been waiting for fix.


Edit: Provided more information

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Chromecast (or Chromecast Ultra) can only be used for your speakers if:


  • The speaker supports HDMI input. This is not common.
  • The speaker is connected to an AV receiver, which connects to Chromecast.
  • The speakers are attached to amplifier with a DAC bridge and the Chromecast is attached to the DAC
  • The amplifier the speakers are attached to has an integrated DAC

What is DAC?


Chromecast (or Chromecast Ultra) does not have an integrated DAC (digital-to-analog converter).


DAC converts pure digital transmissions into an analogue frequency which is what standalone speaker systems require to reproduce high quality sound.


This means the audio quality from Chromecast depends on the device connected to Chromecast, not Chromecast.


Chromecast vs Chromecast Audio: does Chromecast Audio provides better audio quality?


As mentioned, Chromecast can be used to stream music only if you connect Chromecast to an AV receiver or to an HDMI port in the speaker (and speakers do not generally have HDMI ports since they do not need them).


The main difference between Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Ultra (besides the fact that Chomecast Audio can't be used for visual casting at all), is that Chromecast Audio has an integrated DAC.


The DAC in Chromecast Audio is a AKM AK4430 192kHz 24-bit stereo DAC. The sound quality should be comparable to most AV receivers with a price tag about $200-$500.


Audio quality is mainly limited by the music (media) source, and your amplifier and speakers.


Chromecast (Ultra) does not have its own DAC and the audio quality depends on the device it is connected to.


Since Premium subscribers of Spotify can stream audio at a very high bit rate, the quality is generally high, so it sounds like the problem is that you are trying to stream the Audio source via a device which is not connected to a DAC bridge of some kind in between the speakers and the amplifier.

Or, that the HDMI cable is failing (or just loose), or that the Chromecast Ultra device is faulty, or that your AV receiver is faulty.


This problem occurs only when using spotify, if I am using any other audio source like youtube, netfilx or webtv.

So spotify has done something and broke chromecasts spotify.


Hmm, the other 3 sources you mentioned are Audio Visual sources, while Spotify is Audio only..

I have no quality issues with the Chromecast Audio, so it still sounds like there is a connection problem between your Chromecast and the AV receiver to the speaker output. 


What device is between the Chromecast and the Speakers?


Chromecast is connected to tv and still this problem occurs only when using spotify so spotify is at least  part of the problem.  


It's quite possible that Spotify is part of the problem, but I'm just trying to help you solve the problem, or at least identify the cause with a bit more certainty..


Were you able to listen to Spotify through your TV using the Chromecast Ultra without quality issues before, and has the problem only started happening recently, or has it been a problem ever since you tried casting Spotify through the Chromecast Ultra?


It seems that the sound quality suddenly is fine again?

I just don't get it how it get so bad and when I post this problem it magically start to working again.


weird... did you do anything at all? like jiggle the cables, or restart the Chromecast device?


Anyway, main thing is that you can enjoy your music again.. 🙂


No I didn't do anything not even restarted Cromecast or router.

It is really odd that when it doesn't want to work it doesn't and then magically start working again.


Odd. I know there have been some other issues recently with Chromecast, maybe your issue was related, we'll probably never know.. I'm glad you can listen again though.

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