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The playlist sorts the songs incorrectly in recently added

Status: Case Closed

Hi! After resetting my phone I got an issue when trying to sort my playlist by recently added. 

I got a bunch of old songs that I added a long time ago on the top of my list, and a lot further down I find the new ones that I've added, in correct order. So it seems that a bunch of songs have been moved around in my playlist. This hasn't happened to all my playlists, but some of them. Also, it just accured on my android phone, not the computer. 

Hey @2late92!


Are you still experiencing the same? If you still need help, feel free to get back to us. For now, we'll be closing the post for it's been a while since we last heard from you.


Take care!


Well, I wrote in the first message about the fact that I experienced it in other playlists, but not all of them. 

I don't have the possibility to check with a friends account at the moment


We understand, @2late92.


In this case, could you send us a screenshot of one of these playlists from the desktop app and from your phone?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


from my computerfrom my computerfrom my phonefrom my phone


Thanks for keeping us posted, @2late92!


We've reported this to the right team. We'll make sure to share any updates about this with you here.


Let us know if you have any other questions. 


Thank you so much 🙂 


Hey, us again! 


We know you didn't have an extra account for you to try on, is there a chance a friend or family member can help you out with an account? If not, no worries.


Can you send us the exact version of your Android?


That'd be super helpful. 



I tried to log on with my friends phone, the same issue occured. She has the same type of phone as me, though she couldn't say if the same thing happened to hers, as she did not know which songs she had added recently. 


My android version is 7.0, hers is also 7.0. 


I also tried logging on another friends ipod with iOS, once again the same thing occured. 


That's great, thanks for that info @2late92


We've reported this to the right folks and we hope to get an answer soon. 


We'll post any updates here, so we'd recommend keeping an eye out for any new info. 


Take care 🙂


Hi again, @2late92!


We appreciate your patience with this, and thanks for the info so far. Could you confirm if the sorting issue occurs with all the tracks in the playlist, even when not saved in Offline Mode? Could you try sorting your 'mykje rart ;p' playlist into order once you've removed it for offline listening, to see if this affects it?


It looks like you're on the latest firmware version for your device, as well as being up-to-date with your Spotify version. If you notice either of them need a new version, make sure you keep them updated 🙂 It might seem unrelated, but it might be worth ensuring that your desktop version is also updated, even if it looks fine at this stage.


Keep us posted!


I can confirm this. I tried taking the playlist off offline mode, this didn't affect it. 

I've made sure everything is updated automaticly whenever I'm connected with Wifi.