The song currently being played is not always indicated in green

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This is a continuation of the following two threads that were accidentally closed. The last post I see in the first thread is from me, so I was actually waiting for an answer from you. The issues are still there. Please investigate.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for getting this info to us! We've spoken to the tech team, and they're aware of the issue.


Right now we're unable to provide a timeframe for a fix, but we can confirm that it'll be looked into soon. 


Until then, we'd recommend keeping the app up-to-date.




I haven't heard from you fo a while. Just want to make sure the issue has not been forgotten. Have you managed to reproduce this error or shall I try to pinpoint when it happens even more?


Hi @bosi!


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Sorry to hear that! We'd suggest checking out the steps under “Downloads unexpectedly removed” here. They should help with this.


Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


Status changed to: Need more info

 Thank you. I've read all information on that link but found nothing that was relevant or of any help for my issue.


Thanks for getting back to us and giving the steps we sent a try. 


We would like to continue helping you with this. In this case, can you try reinstalling the app on your computer? Here's how to do it. We'd also recommend resetting your Internet router to see if this makes a difference. 


Keep us posted.

Thanks, I got that suggestion already in the original thread. Can you please explain, technically, why you think this would help? Do you actually have indications that spotify can corrupt its installation in a way that gives this and similar symptoms? How is that possible?


Usually, a full reinstall of the app helps with any issues that users might encounter.


We'd like to try something else, just in case. Can you try using a different account than yours on your device to see if the same behavior continues? Also, can you let us know if this issue started happening after a specific update or event?


We'll look forward to your response. 


That sounds too bad, so I will deinstall spotify to protect my desktop computer from corruption. You can close this issue.


Hey @bosi


No worries, we really want to get to the bottom of this. Can you let us know if trying someone else's account works? If you could send us a screenshot of how the now playing song looks for you, it'd be super helpful.


Keep us posted 🙂


If you really want to get to the bottom of this, please send it to design for analys. The algorithms for displaying the song being played in green may answer why it sometimes does not work under the conditions I have described.


A screenshot has already been asked for in the previous thread. My answer there is still valid - the screenshot will show that the song being played is not indicated in green colour in the list and clicking on the album image will point out a song bit up up in the list.


I will try to find a second source that can confirm this error. I suppose I need a premium account to the able to play the song via a connected device so I will look for a friend that can try this setup. All my friends so far does not use the desktop...