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Tinder asking me to sign up for Spotify

I am trying to connect my tinder to Spotify, however when I click the Connect button, it opens my Spotify app and tells me to sign up for Spotify. I have checked and I am already logged into Spotify, the app is up to date, and it’s still saying I need to sign up. I am on iOS and am a premium user. 


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This should be now fixed.


If you'd like more info on how to use Spotify with Tinder, make sure to head here.


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Hey @Gingerslayer113.


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Seems like something isn't quite right! No worries though, a quick reinstallation of both Spotify and Tinder should fix the issue! You can read how to reinstall Spotify  here.


Should do the trick! Let us know if it's not working or if there is anything else that we can do for you.


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Reinstallation doesn't work. I have the same issue. Tinder is asking me to install Spotify, which i already have on my phone. On the bottom is button "Have Spotify already?" (i translate form my language) but it just do nothing, it doesn't work.


Same here, I erased both apps (I have to re-download all my music now). Tried again and it doesn't work. Spotify app just presents a sign up screen and a download app button.


Im having the same issue. Both on my phone and iPad. 

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As we pass this on to our tech folks, could you provide us with the following info:

  • Spotify version
  • device and OS version?

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My Spotify version:

Device: Huawei P10 with Android 8.0.0


I'm having same issues.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps.  Still gives me a message that it says for me to sign up for Spotify.  It also asks "Already on Spotify?". When I click on that, it does nothing


Spotify version:

Device: IPhone 6s IOS 12.1


Same issue and have reinstalled both apps with no result. 

Spotify v.

Device iPhone 6s+ iOS 12.1



Same issue.



Tinder 10.2.1

Device iPhone XS iOS 12.1