[Tizen] Can't play downloaded playlists while in offline mode

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I recenty got a new Galaxy Watch Active 2. In the Spotify app on the watch, I downloaded playlists to listen to in offline mode while running. However, even in offline mode I got the error message "Unable to play. Please check your connection."

I therefore uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify on my watch, re-downloaded the playlists, switched off my phone bluetooth, turned on offline mode in Spotify, and activated airplane mode on the watch itself, and it worked! Once.

The second time I tried to do the same thing (phone bluetooth off, Spotify in offline mode, watch in airplane mode), I got the same error message. The only thing that appeared to work was to again uninstall and reinstall Spotify, and re-download the playlists. As you can imagine, I don't want to have to be doing this every time I want to use Spotify offline!

It seems that as soon as I connect the watch with the phone, Spotify automatically looks for a connection - regardless of whether offline mode in the Spotify app is activated or not.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hello everyone,


This issue has been active for some time now and we’ve decided it’s best to mark it as Not Right Now.


We’ve passed several reports regarding the Galaxy Active 2 watch and issues with the newer Tizen versions on to Samsung and have been working with them to find resolutions.


We hope that we’ll be able to provide some positive updates in the future, but as this involves a third party, we cannot provide a timeline or a guaranteed outcome.


I'm having this EXACT same problem - offline works once, but once you reconnect to the phone it's dead.  I cannot describe how frustrating this is.  Anyone else?


I've attached a pic showing the playlist clearly downloaded, as well as the error message I get when I click play....


Thanks for your reply, mbking23. Pleased to see I'm not alone.

After submitting my question, I started wondering whether the playlist problem might have to do with the fact that some of the playlists I had downloaded to my watch included song/artist radio playlists that load automatically when there is an internet connection. I therefore deleted all the playlists on my watch and then downloaded only Spotify playlists with a finite number of tracks. However, the same playlist problem persisted. I then tried something else: I deleted all the playlists on my watch again and replaced them with individual downloaded tracks. This works perfectly and I can shuffle-play downloaded tracks without a hitch whilst running. Playlists still seem to be a problem, however. All help appreciated!


Good suggestion on the individual downloads.  I'll give that a try.  But there's like 3-4 different workout playlists that I like, and so mixing them all together is less than ideal.  Still, better than nothing, right?

Similar problem, though the message to me adds... Go online and select to stream over data. This doesn't make sense... I've downloaded the songs; why do I need to be online, streaming.

I'm having exact same problem... I will try to download individual track. Thanks for this work around. 

Same problem here. It's incredibly frustrating. I may give downloading individual songs a shot, but that seems like a huge pain for a larger amount of songs.

my problem is that I managed to get a playlist downloaded, but cannot get the changes I made to it on my phone to sync with the watch. I also re-ordered my playlists on my phone so that my workout playlist is as the top for ease of access. Those changes won't sync either.

When I toggle the "download" switch next to my playlist it tells me to go online. I am online! I check and double check that my watch is connected via both bluetooth and wifi.

The main reason I bought this was was so that I didn't have to have my phone with me when I work out or run, so this is a big bummer. 


Same issue here on Galaxy Watch. It used to work but since the latest update remote online mode is not working. Really annoying, since this is the only reason I bought this watch. 


Why is there no reply yet from Spotify?


Makes me SO frustrated. Same issue. Get you devs to work on this Spotify. Damn. 


I'm also having this problem. I've seem posts on this dating back to 2017, and still, 3 years later, spotify devs can't seem to fix this. It's simply unacceptable. With the amount of money these people must be making, I just can't fathom how this is still a problem in LATE 2020. The app has a 2 star review on the Galaxy store. It's just ridiculous.