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[Tizen] Samsung Smart TV app volume level too high


Free and/or Premium


United States


Samsung Smart TV (model number UN50MU630DF)

Operating System

Samsung Tizen (version 1290)

Spotify App

Samsung Smart TV / Tizen app version 1.7.2

My Question or Issue

The gain in the Samsung Tizen Spotify app is much too high, causing both digital distortion and way-too-loud playback. Audio played through the Tizen app sounds simply awful, rendering the app useless. (Other apps on the same TV have perfect audio, both in terms of distortion and general loudness.)

Here are two threads about this issue, both from 2017:

It's disappointing that this problem persists in 2021! Is this not an issue with a simple fix - just reduce the in-app gain? Or perhaps add an in-app option to adjust the gain?

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


I have the same problem.  I have a Samsung QA65Q7FAM.  The volume for the Spotify App is way too loud and distorted.


Also been having the same problem with a Samsung UE55MU6470 for the last 4 YEARS!

Guys lets not be disillusioned here. they know there is a problem... and they have known for many years...


Its just... they just... don't care... they don't care... 


What I had to do was get a optic to phono converter with volume level control to turn down the god awful Spotify app's volume... its a pain as every time you load this unsupported app "Spotify prove me wrong?" your have to adjust the level on the converter... PS it also removes the distortion....


Its a pain but it works... it works guys... 

Thanks for the great support on this Spotify... oww wait...


same issue here with Samsung Q80R. I had premium in 2019 then switched to Tidal, so I wanted to gave them a chance again but no luck, switching back to Tidal now 🙂




I have the same issue here,

Everything is up to date and app is reinstalled and no change when using pc/phone
tv model :SAMSUNG UE55RU7475UXXC  ( 1385 )


Shame on you guys at Spotify and Samsung! Nothing else to say here. This problem is known for YEARS. And I can not beliefe it still there in 2022. The app is simply unusable even on new tv. Cancle subscribtion is my solution.


Hi folks! The same problem here. Spotify app is unusable. Sound is tripled in compare to other apps. I’ve almost destroyed my speakers when first time opening Spotify! 

My tv is QA67AA connected via optical Cale to my stereo amplifier. Everything up to date. 

I cannot believe it’s so hard to replicate by dev team…


Just got a brand new Samsung 43TU7020 and yeah, the app is ridiculously loud. I have the spotify volume at 1/3rd of what I have other apps, even with normalization. I'm nervous to use the app. If I forget to turn the volume down before listening to music at night, I'm definitely waking up all my neighbours.

Surely it can't be hard to simply put a volume slider in the app? How has this still not been fixed after literally years?!


Hey I have had the same problem since I got my Samsung frame a few years ago. It doesn’t matter if I cast with iphone or use the built in app directly. It clips really badly. No other app does.this that I have tried. You are taking tour sweet time fixing this so I have no real expectations it will ever get solved. Bestter to find alternative means of connectings Spotify to your sound system.

a pre-volume fader in plaback menu or EQ would suffise. There is already an automatic volume adjustment in the eq and normaliser. No way to manually lower zero dB though


Same issue. Had it for years. Factory resets on TV and reinstalling the app several times, and always the same issue. The gain is simply just to high. It's funny how an app specifically made for music sound so shitty.


Hahaha i havent seen a more pointless thread in a loong time.

They so blatantly dont care it seems the voting for this issue has been disabled..


Either this is a *very* difficult problem to solve, or they aren’t motivated enough?

It’s a shame cos i would sign up for premium if i could use the tv app


problem seems to persist across numerous samsung models, mine is a UA49RU7100KXXA

YES its on latest firmware.

YES i tried restarting bla bla bla