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Top Songs Playlist Doesn’t Have My Top 5?

Love the 2018 Wrapped feature, but my top 100 songs doesn’t have my top 5 from Wrapped, and has several songs that I’ve hardly ever listened to. I listed to Spotify for 77000 minutes this year, so there had to have been 100 songs that I have played more than once or twice. Help?

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing feedback on this.


This can happen for a number of reasons. We'll make sure to pass your feedback on for future campaigns.


Thanks again!




I've just got my Top 100 song of 2018 playlist, and my top 5 played songs are not in it? Surely this isn't correct? I looked at my 2018 wrapped and none of the 5 songs shown as my most played are included in this playlist. The point of this playlist is so I remember what I listened to in 2018 - I may forget these 5 songs now because they are not included.

Also, there are many songs and albums I know I listened to on repeat all year which do not appear in the playlist. There are also songs I can't even tell you if I've ever listened to in this playlist.  I look forward to seeing this playlist every year and I'm disappointed to be honest.

Has anyone else got the same problem? Has there been an issue with this feature? Thanks!







Yeah, I'm facing the same issue here. Here's what my top songs says on the Wrapped page:


But the playlist generated is completely different:

Werid bug, but I hope Spotfiy can get this issue fixed


I've encountered the same problem. None of my top5 songs are in the playlist and the list contains songs I barely recognize!

A friend suggested that they might count only online-listening on the playlist - which would be sad.

Would be great to hear from you, Spotify!


Same problem here!


I have the same problem!


Don't even know some of the songs in my top songs 2018 playlist.


Regonise the artists, but definitely haven't listened to a lot of them more than once or twice. 


Almost nothing from my top artists or top songs (according to Spotify Wrapped) made it into the playlist. 


I'm having the exact same problem! Spotifywrapped said that my top song was Africa by Toto but the song isn't on the Top Tracks 2018 -playlist they made.. Instead of accurate songs there are songs I've listened to maximum 3 times. There are German songs too - which is very weird as I'm not German or do not listen to German songs. I leave my Spotify on in the background but I only listen to playlists I've made myself. 


I tweeted @ Spotifycares on Twitter about my issue and they just said they'll pass on my feedback to the right team. I'm very disappointed 😞


I’m having this same issue, and I am incredibly **bleep** about it. 

I know what my most played song of 2018 is, but it’s not even in the top 100 list on Spotify. It just so happens that it’s a self-released song from an unsigned band, which I guess means it’s not important? Well, it is to me - I know the band, and I WANTED this to be my most played song of the year, and made sure it was. Not including it is utter**bleep**. Sure, include a song in the top 100 that I have NEVER HEARD or even heard OF, but completely ignore the one band I’ve played more than anything. **bleep** your**bleep** algorithms. 


I have the same issue. Mine seems to be very off. Never experienced this before so I hope Spotify can fix this. 


Same here, at least 2 of the songs on my top 5 are not there. The worst part is that it obviously puts in doubt the rest of the playlist, where I can see songs that in the best of cases i only listened like 20 times.  Really dissapointed as the p`laylists for 2016 and 2017 where really well done.


They should provide the data to you so at least we can verify that everything is ok.


Mine is additionally doing the same, Even my top 5 songs/artists seem somewhat off but I can definitely tell there is an error as most of these songs/ artists aren't even included in my top 100 songs. Some of the songs I have never even heard of or have only played once or twice.