Top Songs Playlist Doesn’t Have My Top 5?

Status: Not An Issue

Love the 2018 Wrapped feature, but my top 100 songs doesn’t have my top 5 from Wrapped, and has several songs that I’ve hardly ever listened to. I listed to Spotify for 77000 minutes this year, so there had to have been 100 songs that I have played more than once or twice. Help?

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing feedback on this.


This can happen for a number of reasons. We'll make sure to pass your feedback on for future campaigns.


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I'm having the same issue. My playlist does not feature any of my top 5 songs represented on the wrapped website. The top 5 songs on the website seem real, but the playlist is full of songs that i almost never listen to from the same bands that the playlist should be composed of.


Same problem here. My top 5 songs include 3 songs that are the same by different singers. I only remember have heard one!

And my top artists are totally trashy too. Been wondering if private sessions have something to do with this issue.


Yeah I'm having the same problem. None of my top 5 songs are in the Top 2018 playlist they made. I have songs in the Top 2018 playist that I was just exploring that are somehow in there.


I'm having the exact same issue! The artists on the playlist seem generally accurate, but the songs are ones I barely or never listened to.


Having exactly the same issue. The wrapped websites top 5 songs seem to be right but they are not on the playlist. The playlist is full of artists I listen to but the songs are all wrong.


I hope this get fixed as I've loved listening to the previous years wrapped playlist but this is just unlisteneable.


I'm having the same problem. This is not why I listen to music all year. Please spotify fix our results it would be greatly appreciated. Please don't make us wait for next year.


Same thing here. I'm more than sure my top artists list is not accurate and some songs that I literally spent the year listening to didn't make it to the 2018 Playlist while some I listened to just a few times did. 


Yep, same problem. Random songs and my top 5 aren't included. Disappointed because I look forward to my Top 100 playlist all year! 

Hope they fix it soon


Same here. Barely recognize most of the songs in my Top 100


Same thing here. The song I listened to the most doesn't even appear.