Top Songs Playlist Doesn’t Have My Top 5?

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Love the 2018 Wrapped feature, but my top 100 songs doesn’t have my top 5 from Wrapped, and has several songs that I’ve hardly ever listened to. I listed to Spotify for 77000 minutes this year, so there had to have been 100 songs that I have played more than once or twice. Help?

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing feedback on this.


This can happen for a number of reasons. We'll make sure to pass your feedback on for future campaigns.


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I heard that some people's playlist suddenly got fixed after a while and the correct songs appeared on the playlist?
But I have the same problem and my 5 Top Songs don't match up with my 2018 playlist in any way...:/


Same - mine is way out. One song on there I've never heard of. Some songs I have absolutely rinsed aren't on there, whereas others I know I have listened to 2 or 3 times are featured. 


Spotify - appreciate the effort but this is a pointless feature unless it's vaguely accurate!


I have the same issue, like 2 of my 5 top songs are not in The playlist of my top 100 songs, instead there are songs that I've listened to like 1 or 2 times this year.

This was very disappointing, I was hoping to hear my top songs this year, I hope you can fix it. 


Same issue here! So incredibly sad, I love looking at my Wrapped stats every year. Mine is just completely incorrect. Some content on there I’ve never even seen before...?


Initially, I thought it might be a desktop/mobile or private session issue, because I use my phone on private session to listen most of the time, but it can’t be that... every year before this has been accurate for me!


I’m really hoping Spotify gets this fixed soon!!! Is there a support team we can all contact?






Yepp. Same problem here!
And never had the issue earlier years. 



I just wanted to mention that the spanish version of the last "slide" has some spelling mistakes. 


Si escuchas un año entero de música increible y lo no publícas, nadie sabrá que ocurrió.


Correct spelling: 


Si escuchas un año entero de música increíbleno lo publicas, nadie sabrá que ocurrió.


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.08.50 AM.png


Why Does It Shake? is an awesome song though!


@phillip-k wrote:

I've encountered the same problem. None of my top5 songs are in the playlist and the list contains songs I barely recognize!

A friend suggested that they might count only online-listening on the playlist - which would be sad.

Would be great to hear from you, Spotify!

^ This. There are songs on my list that I've never even listened to. I started the family plan. I wonder if some of this is from my wife or kids?

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