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Top Songs Playlist Doesn’t Have My Top 5?

Love the 2018 Wrapped feature, but my top 100 songs doesn’t have my top 5 from Wrapped, and has several songs that I’ve hardly ever listened to. I listed to Spotify for 77000 minutes this year, so there had to have been 100 songs that I have played more than once or twice. Help?

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing feedback on this.


This can happen for a number of reasons. We'll make sure to pass your feedback on for future campaigns.


Thanks again!




Still true for best of 2019! Maybe you guys overcomplicated this... surely just a case of ranking songs by playtime/count during a year and returning the top 100!? Also, why cant we just have a custom playlist feature where we can get top songs/artists/albums/etc over a given time period? This would be much better imo.


I have a related problem. There was a playlist called Your Top Songs 2021. I started to play it today and there were MANY songs I have never heard. I know most of the artists but not the songs. So why is this called Your Top Songs 2021 ? I even have a playlist called Your Top Songs 2014. But I only joined Spotify in 2021. So how can I have any top songs in 2014?