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Top artists are inaccurate

As a premium member for the past three years I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with the service and spend much of my time using the app, 82,000 minutes last year according to my year in review (See attachment). 

The only area that I have noticed that seems to never be accurate is my top played artists, although my yearly and monthly reviews seems to be entirely accurate. With the new Tinder collaboration I was disappointed that my true "top played artists" were not available to choose from. Maybe it is just an issue with my account; regardless I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and if i could get any help with the issue. 


Thanks so much!



Hey folks, we appreciate a lot of you all coming to us with this problem. We've been speaking closely with Tinder about this and we've shared information from all of you. 


We're going to close this now as all responsible teams are aware and have this data. When we have an update on this we will post here for you all. 


Thanks again for your patience with this, we appreciate it!


Same here! The 20 Top artists gathered from Spotify to Tinder are indeed extremely inaccurate!

For me, the first 5 artists I've only listened on 10 seconds each (if ever?!)... what's going on?!

The artist which I've listened most to on Spotify (Digitalism) isn't even on the list!

On top of the list is the artist Drake which I'd never listen to even if someone payed me 1000USD.....


Sure, it's a nice addition to Tinder and the anthem-thing works fine, but I want to be able to select my own top/favourite artists, since Spotify's algorithms seems to be broken.

In complete agreement, several of my "top" artists are bands I've listened to maybe 2-3 times. Whereas artists I've streamed for hours on end are nowhere to be seen. So yeah, it's not really an accurate representation of what I actually listen to. Super frustrating.


Same. Thought it might be a Tinder issue at first but Bumble shows exactly the same thing.

Had Spotify for 5 years and only one artist shows up who I've barely listened to.


I can only repeat what's already been said, and go one further: while the top tracks I get for Tinder are tracks I've almost never played, they're different from the tracks that are displayed on my Happn profile, as well as those on Bumble (with those on Bumble seeming to be the most accurate). Can't make head nor tails from it.


I am also having this issue. I know I've listened to all my "top" artists at least once before, but they are far from my favorite, and one of them I actually really hate. Also, what is "Bumble" and "Happn" and "Digitalism"? And how can I check my weekly and monthly Spotify reports?


edit: okay, I just found Bumble and Happn as dating services and Digitalism as an artist. Nevermind about that part.


i'm having the same issue, what shows up on tinder isn't even relatively close to what I actually listen to LOL


YEP! Generic playlist are frustrating; not an overstatement! I started to suspect top artist were generated by local demographics or some bullsh*† like that but naw, maybe they only include popular (top 40) artists in these list. For instance: I listened to one Jay-Z song 6 months ago, but according to tinder/spotify I'm in love with the guy and I wanna be beyoncé now. Dafuq? I can't have guys on Tinder seeing this **bleep**!



****** UPDATE******

Below are changes to my top artist list as of last week. *I've only listened to one song from these artists in the last month*I've only listened to one song from these artists in the last monthNotice the difference!:

More accurate after refreshing (28.10.16)More accurate after refreshing (28.10.16)More accurate after refreshing (28.10.16)More accurate after refreshing (28.10.16)


















Try refreshing the page where you edit your artist in Tinder (swipe or pull down on the page). So far it's been fixed for me.

*using HTC Sense Version 7.0, Android 6.0, Spotify ver, Tinder ver 6.1.2

I haven't seen a weekly review yet, but I got an email a couple months ago
with my monthly review and get it once a month. It seems to be a trial
service because it says only a select few premium members receive it.

I've looked at the Spotify-connection on Happn, Bumble and Tinder...


On Happn your recently played tracks are showed. If you disconnect your Spotify-account from Happn you can choose your favorite tracks from Spotify by yourself, which is real nice! You can listen 30 seconds on each track inside Happn.


Bumble actually managed to pick out my favorite/most played artists. This app doesn't have a full Spotify integration though, so when clicking on an artist you're prompted to launch Spotify.


And on Tinder we're all seem to have the same problem, since some of the Top artists is waaaay off. Since Bumble manage to pick out the real favorite artists, Tinder must interpret Spotify's API wrong in some way...? Unless the list is half user-based and half part of some evil sponsor deal?


It's a load of bull if you ask me.. Why can't we just pick from a list like 'my anthem'??