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Top artists are inaccurate

As a premium member for the past three years I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with the service and spend much of my time using the app, 82,000 minutes last year according to my year in review (See attachment). 

The only area that I have noticed that seems to never be accurate is my top played artists, although my yearly and monthly reviews seems to be entirely accurate. With the new Tinder collaboration I was disappointed that my true "top played artists" were not available to choose from. Maybe it is just an issue with my account; regardless I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and if i could get any help with the issue. 


Thanks so much!



Hey folks, we appreciate a lot of you all coming to us with this problem. We've been speaking closely with Tinder about this and we've shared information from all of you. 


We're going to close this now as all responsible teams are aware and have this data. When we have an update on this we will post here for you all. 


Thanks again for your patience with this, we appreciate it!


Galaxy note 5 android version 6.0.1


Please fix this ASAP. The current inaccurate list is embarassing

I'm using an IPhone 6, IOS 10.0.2, Spotify

There are a couple artists on mine that I have never even heard of, may have listened to them once by accident, who knows, please fix ASAP.


Hey guys, thanks for all the info you've provided!


Could you try the following steps for us? Here they are:


1. Head over here:

2. Revoke Tinder access

3. Reinstal both apps. Here's how you can reisntall Spotify. 

4. Link the accounts once again following these steps:


Let us know how it goes,




Once again, 

Thank you for working with the community to try to fix this issue.


I followed the steps provided with no change in the recommended/provided artists. I also made sure to disconnect the apps through tinder before attempting the steps for a second time. Still there was no success. Once again, I find the artists that were provided have no chance at being accurate and I feel like it is not within the capability of spotify to understand the usage by the user due to the year in review tracking, I'm not sure if it is a disconnect of data communication from spotify and tinder or if it is the method that data is tracked or transferred. 


I would be interested to know what the difference is between the successful cases and the unsuccessful cases in the collaboration and see if that could lead to a possible cause of the problem. 


Thanks again for the reply!


I have completed these steps and still the issue remains, i feel like it has something to do with the contract between spotify and tinder in which popular, big money making artist are the ones shown because they are the people that show up on mine like Justin beiber, Ariana Grande, Kanye west and that when I've probably listened to them once, the people i normally listen to are people like Kehlani, BANKS and Glass Animals whom which i am constantly listening to are nowhere to be seen

Status changed to: Under investigation


Hey guys!


We've reported this to the right folks, thanks for your patience.


Stay tuned for any updates 🙂 


Sort your **bleep** out Spotify! 

Pretty much my entire top played artists are so rediculously innacurate!

I am actually pleased there are people as disturbed by this as myself haha!



Hey, I've had the same issue as the rest of you for a while now but when I decided to try reinstalling the apps once again I've encountered a new bug... At the time of writing this I only have one top artist (that I don't listen to, by the way). 

To clarify, when I go to Tinder, I can only select Stromae as top artist. 


Same issue here, hope this will get fixed soon. If you can't get the algorythm to work, just let us choose the artists / songs


Hey everyone! The tech team are still on the case, but we'll let you all know when we have any new info. Thanks for bearing with us.