Top artists are inaccurate

Status: Closed

As a premium member for the past three years I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with the service and spend much of my time using the app, 82,000 minutes last year according to my year in review (See attachment). 

The only area that I have noticed that seems to never be accurate is my top played artists, although my yearly and monthly reviews seems to be entirely accurate. With the new Tinder collaboration I was disappointed that my true "top played artists" were not available to choose from. Maybe it is just an issue with my account; regardless I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and if i could get any help with the issue. 


Thanks so much!



Hey folks, we appreciate a lot of you all coming to us with this problem. We've been speaking closely with Tinder about this and we've shared information from all of you. 


We're going to close this now as all responsible teams are aware and have this data. When we have an update on this we will post here for you all. 


Thanks again for your patience with this, we appreciate it!


Hey @Scottnofx@Adidaswithsomes!


We hear you and understand your frustration. 


Rest assured our team folks are working backstage with our friends at Tinder to get this fixed up. Thanks again for bearing with us. We'll take all your feedback and comments onboard and pass them to the teams behind the scenes. 


We hope to have some news to share soon 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all!


Thanks for your reports. Our tech teams are aware of the issue and hope to have some updates to share soon. 


In the meantime, please make sure that you're rocking the latest version of both Spotify and Tinder.


Thanks for bearing with us.


Hey folks.


We just wanted to check in to let you know that the right teams are still working hard here.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused, and we'll let you know when we hear more.


Thanks again for your continued patience.




This has been going on for so long now, almost half a year has gone past and we are still in the same place as before, i don't get how it's taken half a year and there is no progress. The artists are still incredibly inaccurate, I've uninstalled both apps and downloaded them again, ive cleard data, i disconnected the apps from each other and reconnected them, they are both updated, there is obviously a fault on your end spotify.


Hey @ashleysylvester!


We hear you and completely understand your frustration. Thanks for bearing with us. Our teams are aware of this issue affecting a small number of users and we hope to have an update from them soon.


Cheers 🙂


Yes, this is quite frustrating!! Hurry on already, this shouldn't be a major fix? Just apply and make available, the same actions we use to choose our anthem. I'd rather disconnect Spotify from displaying incorrect/embarrassing data and not have it on my social accounts at all. Is that what you guys prefer?


Hurry on, really...


Hey @ceel88!


We're sorry to hear you're still having trouble with this.


Rest assured the right folks are on the case. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix at the moment but make sure that you're rocking the latest version of Tinder and Spotify.


Thanks for your patience.


A small number of users??? Try HUGE! You're probably the reason I'm not getting a lot of Tinder dates. Who wants to date a woman whose top artists are Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande. 


Please fix this!


Yeah i still think this error applies to all users. But i'm glad the team are on top of this, Jimmy. If they keep going at this rate, i'm confident that the error might be resolved within the next 3 - 4 years.


That's quite a bit of time. Who knows i might get married before this thing is fixed. Tell you what, If this is the case, the whole team ist invited, because they worked so, so hard on this. And so i can give them the finger and whisper a toneless **bleep** you to them, while i'm slowdancing to nickelback, which my wife will think is my favorite band because of this nice little bug.


I agree with previous poster.

I also think that the "Top Artists" are "Top" on Spotify's list, not mine. Is that really how you decide to expand advertising? To forcefully override my choices/preferences only to "advertise" artists of your choosing on my profile page?