Top artists are inaccurate

Status: Closed

As a premium member for the past three years I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with the service and spend much of my time using the app, 82,000 minutes last year according to my year in review (See attachment). 

The only area that I have noticed that seems to never be accurate is my top played artists, although my yearly and monthly reviews seems to be entirely accurate. With the new Tinder collaboration I was disappointed that my true "top played artists" were not available to choose from. Maybe it is just an issue with my account; regardless I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and if i could get any help with the issue. 


Thanks so much!



Hey folks, we appreciate a lot of you all coming to us with this problem. We've been speaking closely with Tinder about this and we've shared information from all of you. 


We're going to close this now as all responsible teams are aware and have this data. When we have an update on this we will post here for you all. 


Thanks again for your patience with this, we appreciate it!


This was first reported on ‎2016-09-27. We are now over six months into this with no resolution and / or workaround.


With Tinder and Spotify both being extremely popular apps within the Social & Media industry, you would hope that there would be some sort of desire to resolve this in a timely manner.


Instead, customers (paying customers may I add) are being fobbed off with "The tech team are looking into this" - other such excuses include "The Spotify office dog chewed the Tinder/Spotify integration cables and blah blah blah we ‎hope to have an update". 


Hoping is no good at this stage. Your 'small number of customers' (such a small issue that this discussion has now reached 7 pages, hmmm) are not happy and you should be working with us here. You should be raising internally that there is an issue here, not resolved, not even any progress made on it at all.


Spotify, you've gone down in my books - which is a shame. Not because of the functionality being unavailable/inaccurate (these things happen), but your lack of professionalism and customer focus.



Hey there @MichelleW@Adidaswithsomes@ceel88


Thanks for reaching out to us again here.

We're sorry for any inconveniences caused, and we understand the frustration.

Our tech folks are still working with the right teams to get this looked into.


We know it's not ideal, and we do hope to be able to share some more info with you soon.


Thanks again for holding tight.


OK, cool, I see my top artists are more accurate now. After the most recent Tinder update, vers. 7.2.2
...I still can only see 3 top artists to choose from in the Tinder app - why is that?

( least I'm not associated with Ariana Grande and Rihanna anymore, phew!)


I hope no one expects this to get fixed with the admin having knows about this for 5 years. Considering it a coding issue that has received 0 investment into building the feature EVERYONE HAS ASKED FOR FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS, there is no reason to expect them to ever address this. Ideally because it's coming out of someone's budget and the company would rather let the next owners of Spotify deal with it.


Hey I just wanted to say that my top artists are pretty far off base as well. I listen to Paul Simon almost every day and he isn't featured while Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are, who I literally have only one song from each burried into a playlist that maybe gets shuffled through once a month. I have about ten Paul Simon songs and if you look at my Favorite Songs 2016 album that Spotify compiled, you'll find 4 Paul Simon songs and zero Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga songs. Nothing wrong with their music, but I'd like to accurately represent my taste in music but my recently created Tinder account won't allow me to show any band from my favorite 5; it's almost like it just chose random artists. Please look into whatever algorithm decided 'favorite artists' list. 




I would like to pile on this issue, it seems to be there for at least two years and still not fixed. If you really care about users, please give us a timeframe.





Hey @Natural209x@Demothness@ceel88@Connerklum24


Thanks for your recent reports.


We hear you and understand your frustrations. The teams backstage are working with Tinder and we hope to have an update soon.


In the meantime, make sure you're rocking the latest versions of both Spotify and Tinder 🙂


Nice automated response there admin..


This comment was brought up 6 months ago & the issue still hasn't been dealt with?  Is it not profit inducing to actually fix it?  I'll have you know that the "Top Artists" feature in Tinder was the reason I finally joined Spotify Premium & gave your employer my money. Until then I was (Still am)  an avid Pandora user. But it's nice to show your music tastes- you can see a lot about a person through their music.. Now, since I'm a new user, & my Tinder is up to date having recently bought a new phone, my list isn't wildly inaccurate, but the tracks are.. For Jon Hopkins it has a Brian Eno Track, for Phonte (really like one track but not shown) it has one I don't know, for Raiza Biza it shows one I don't know, Mos Def is on point though as is Team Dynamite , and yes, I only get 5, & the artists I've been listening to the most aren't there, like DFRNT, a massively underrated electronic producer, nor am I able to show a variety of music either.. 


Why not just quit the BS tech industry elitism that the tech wizzes in the haloed halls of technology always know better than us lowly plebs do & just let us choose our own favourite artists already? And make it editable according to our tastes at the time..  No complicated algorithms, just a simple list, if it works for Anthem then how difficult must it be for top artists? What are updates for if they don't fix issues that absolutely everyone on every phone & on every OS gets? Just deal with it already!  Or the next big tech startup will come along that will, & you will be left behind.. 




Hey, I also am having this same problem. 


There are artists I've never even heard of,  let alone my favorite artist, listed. Maybe 3 or 4 of the 15ish it shows would I ever put among my favorite artists. 


For instance, I listen to Dance Gavin Dance almost all day every day for the last 6 years on Spotify and they are nowhere to be found there. But then some random artist that a song came up in a Playlist or Radio is on there?