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Touchpad scrolling too fast




Operating System Version:

Windows 10


Spotify Version:



I'm using Spotify on my laptop (Lenovo Yoga 14), and using the touchpad to two-finger scroll scrolls through entire pages with practically no input, making scrolling using the touchpad essentially unusable. I've been experiencing this for months (July of 2015 or so) and waiting for the next update to be the one that fixes it, but it never is...


To reproduce:

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Try to scroll with touchpad (two-finger scroll)
  3. Scroll too fast




Additional information:

 Scrolling works fine when I use a mouse. But I don't always have a mouse, and I don't want to carry a mouse around just to be able to scroll properly. It seems like "lines per scroll" should be an incredibly simple thing to change, and honestly I'd like to be able to adjust scroll sensitivity myself.



I'm having the same trouble but on my tv. It scrolls up or down 3 songs. It will not scroll one song at a time. Why? and how to fix?

Status changed to: Closed

Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Just to confirm, do you have the same issue on other laptop devices?

Reinstalling the app's worth a shot. 

Keep us posted.

I BELIEVE I ran into this on my previous laptop (Lenovo Y510p), but I am
not certain. I got my current laptop July of last summer or so. I have
reinstalled the app, I've actually done a full factory reset of my computer
too for unrelated problems.

 Ok, I just updated Spotify to the latest version and it still hasn't been fixed. Why is this listed as "Need more info"? I have provided all relevant information. The scrolling is broken. When I scroll, it scrolls too fast. I have contacted Spotify Support on Twitter multiple times, I've posted here, I'm not sure how much more work I need to put in to get a bug fixed in a service that I PAY FOR.


Updating Spotify DOES NOT HELP.


Reinstalling Spotify DOES NOT HELP.


Reinstalling Windows DOES NOT HELP.


If I use a mouse, the mousewheel scrolling works fine. But I don't want to carry a mouse around everywhere and I shouldn't have to just to be able to use an app that I, for some reason, am still paying for.


Again, just to reiterate, the touchpad sensitivity is WAY too high. It isn't an issue with my computer, scrolling on all my other apps works just fine, it is ONLY Spotify. This should be as simple as making the scroll sensitivity setting available to users. PLEASE fix. I love Spotify, but if I can't use it on my laptop there's no point in me paying for it.


I am extremely disappointed in the support I've been getting for this issue. I'm going to look into other services that actually support my device, and have any sort of helpful customer service whatsoever.


Same here, Lenovo Y50 here

Status changed to: Closed

Hey there.

The status was changed because we needed more info; specifically, to confirm if reinstalling the app worked, and if the same issue happened across devices.

Now that we have all the relevant info, we'll make sure to pass this on to the team. 

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. 


Thought I'd go ahead and give another update.


I just updated Spotify again and the issue has not been fixed. I am now on version


@rbjella Hey!


Thanks for the update. 


We'll make sure to pass it on to our devs.


Thanks for you patience. 


Hey guys! 


Can you reach out to Lenovo and let them know about this? Let us know what they say.


Keep us posted.


I've found the solution for this problem:


  1. Open regedit.exe using run

  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE -> Elantech -> Smartpad

  3. Change ScrollControl_Mode from 0 to 1

  4. Open the elan software and click apply just to make sure the settings get applied