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Track Information On Car Display Is Out Of Sync


I'm streaming music from the spotify app on my android phone via bluetooth to my VW car. The sound is streaming just fine and i can change between tracks on the stearing buttons etc. The track information is shown on the screen in the car.

But the problem is that after the first track i selected on the phone, the track information is delayed with previous track information, so the track sound and track information is out of sync. The track sound playing in the car is the track shown on my phone. But wrong track information is shown in the car. Selecting a track on the app again wil send the correct track information to the car again, but then continues to get out of sync.

Anyone have a solution to this ?


I could say that the track information was shown correct 3 months ago when i used my old Sony Z3 compact Android 6.0 phone with the Spotify app. But on my new Sony - Android 8.0 phone i have this anoying problem.

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We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. We're always working to make Spotify a better experience. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


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I'm having the same issue with my Scirocco, when I had my iPhone 6 the song info shown on the screen was correct, but since I've switched to my pixel 2XL the song info is correct for the 1st song but then it doesn't update when the next song plays. I've seen a ton of threads like this, but they all get closed without a resolution, it's really frustrating, somebody from Spotify needs to resolve this issue.



Maybe the new energy saver implemented with Android 7 is the problem. Or a task killer application. Try setting Spotify on the "don't kill task" list. How it works should be wrote down in you phones manual or in the one of task killer application. It is a bit different for each manufacture.


Thnx tobidwest, but I have tried both to disable energy saver on the Spotify app and bluetooth on my phone.. no task killer enabled on spotify app...still same problem.

The strange thing is that it is on the first track change that nothing happens. Then for next track change the track information is updated..but then it is out of sync with one track.


If it is reproducible every time in smart situation it must be bug, I think. You should contact support.

How do you connect your phone to the car? It could be useful to exclude further ideas of me.


It is exactly the same error each time. But I have no idea where to find contact spotify support, if it is even possible ?!


I connect directly with standard old fashion bluetooth from my Android phone to the car infotainmain system. .  no Android auto or carPlay..


Please check if any application or system tool, working as energy saver, disables Bluetooth or enable a sleep mode.

Which Andorid version are you using? Do you know where to find this info?


Android ver. 8.0.0

Spotify ver.


Energy saver are not enabled. And I have ensured that the Spotify app and the bluetooth are excluded from any power saving functions in battery settings.



Is there an option called "protected apps" with a lock symbol are something similar in your phone's settings?


Not what I can find no..


Please ask a friend to try it with his phone. Same problem then?