Track Information On Car Display Is Out Of Sync


I'm streaming music from the spotify app on my android phone via bluetooth to my VW car. The sound is streaming just fine and i can change between tracks on the stearing buttons etc. The track information is shown on the screen in the car.

But the problem is that after the first track i selected on the phone, the track information is delayed with previous track information, so the track sound and track information is out of sync. The track sound playing in the car is the track shown on my phone. But wrong track information is shown in the car. Selecting a track on the app again wil send the correct track information to the car again, but then continues to get out of sync.

Anyone have a solution to this ?


I could say that the track information was shown correct 3 months ago when i used my old Sony Z3 compact Android 6.0 phone with the Spotify app. But on my new Sony - Android 8.0 phone i have this anoying problem.

Hey all,


Thanks for getting back in touch!


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. We're always working to make Spotify a better experience. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


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It started working for me yesterday.

Try it again.

Maybe it works now?

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I just tested Spotify Lite with my Nokia8 and VW. Everything works fine !

Track information shows correctly!


You should try it.

Sound quality is not so good, even highest setting?


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It still does not work in my car. I recently went back to iPhone from Android (not for Spotify related issues) and even with the most recent update I'm still having the same problem. I'm using the free version and not sure if using premium would change that or not but I'm not going back to premium till it works the way it's supposed to work. So if it's never resolved they will never get my money.


3months passed and I didn't get any feedback from spotify....




We're also experiencing this in our VW Passat Sportscombi GTE 2016 with the latest update to the media center. I'm using a OnePlus 5T and my girlfriend's using a OnePlus 5 both running Android 9 and latest Spotify version.


Any news on when this will be fixed is much appreciated.



I am using an iPhone & have this track sync issue, seems like it just doesn’t refresh for each track, the time just seems to accumulate.
I’m like you just a consumer, so have no idea when or if this will be fixed, seems the problem has been there now for well over 12 months with no comment from Spotify.
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I have the same problem, with the Spotify version for windows 10 on my lap top, and on the laptop screen the displayed song is out of sync withe the sound of the song. it always displays the next comming song not the one playing now, very frustrating. I asked support and all the solutions they gave me never fixed the problem, I even uninstalled and reinstalled with no results. Also I play at home from my laptop to my amazon Alexa Echo devices (speakers) I have them in all rooms of my house, and they all display the same wrong info. always displaying the next song comming , not the one playing. I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT THE APP IS BADLY MADE, SINCE NOBODY AT SPOTIFY SUPPORT CAN COME WITH AN ANSWER. I ASKED SUPPORT TO PLAY AT THEIR LAB AN ORIGINAL APP AND PLAY A PLAYLIST AND EXAMINE THE OUT OF SYNC. PROBLEM FOR THEMSELVES. THE ANSWER I ALWAYS GET FROM THEM IS IF THEY DO NOT BELIEVE ME, BUT THEN THEY DO NOT CHECK THE APP AT THEIR LABS. I AM STILL CONVINCED THAT THIS IS A BUG WITH THE APP. THAT SUPPORT REFUSES TO FIX.